Sugarloaf Rock going off!!

sr445dp.jpg Believe it or not but the light got even better after taking this shot. Unfortunately my battery power didn’t and I was left with a useless 1Ds mark 2. I was gutted and only remember similar pain after dropping my simmo’s icecream with only two licks under my belt.


~ by christianfletcher on November 25, 2007.

13 Responses to “Sugarloaf Rock going off!!”

  1. Are you shooting with digital or film?
    And if digital do you stitch your photos or crop?

  2. Both Digital and Film but this shot was digital and stitched.


  3. what are the benefits of shooting on film and do you get to a location and then decide what camera to use or is it not really a problem whether you use film or digital?

  4. both have there place but I am getting better results with digital now. I only ever take one camera with me, too much weight otherwise!! Film you can expose for 5 hours if you want. Digital is smoother, even velvia has lots of grain visible when blown up on big prints.

  5. so to ensure good resolution for big prints do you try to stitch two or three photos rather than cropping the one image.
    i shoot landscapes and the only thing i find difficult with stitching is ensuring that each image is exposed the same and keeping tones and saturation close if not the same, to make sure theres no nasty streak through the image.

  6. I stitch multiple images and the thing to remember is to set your camera to manual exposure mode, manual focus and select a white balance (don’t use auto WB). This way nothing changes through the different shots and the all look great. Remember to overlap the images by about 30%.

  7. yeah i have been trying to stay away from as many auto settings as possible but i didnt know that auto focus would mess it around

    cheers mate

  8. Hey christian, I’m really in awe of the photos you take, really inspire me to get out there. I’ve been to sugarloaf rock before and it’s pretty amazing any time of day, but that photo is stunning.
    I just was wondering how you get such clean stitches with the water? Whenever I try to stitch shots with moving water in them it comes out looking dodgy, am I missing anything obvious? or is it just a matter of taking only one frame with the water in view or something?

  9. I have used a fast shutter speed and overlapped a lot. This may make a difference. I do have issues with some water shots but it is mostly with waves not lining up. I think I have been lucky!!!

  10. Yeah it’s the waves lining up which usually doesnt work out for me. I guess overlapping more gives more room to work with. Thanks

  11. i remember seeing a sunset just like this one but unfortunately i was at home and at the time i had no license.
    missing opportunities like that will certainly ruin your day.
    but at least you were ready for it!

  12. Very nice shot. Best this month?
    Is it a stitch or just a crop?

    And you think you’ve got battery problems… my charger disappeared so i have to charge off the videocamera… DAMN!

  13. Sean it is a 5 image stitch from memory. Get a new charger mate!!

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