Photography Course

I have been thinking about running a night course over the summer months outlining my workflow and how I arrive at the photographs I take. The course will run for a few hours and will cover everything from capture to fine art printing. It won’t be about what to point the camera at but all the technical stuff that can improve the look of your images. If you are interested please drop me an email, I want to try and gage whether it is something worth doing.


~ by christianfletcher on November 27, 2007.

35 Responses to “Photography Course”

  1. Yeh look I am really keen on this idea. I am an absolute crab photographer, and not much better with a handicam for that matter, and am looking to enhance my skills with some of your expertise. Will you hold the camera from behind me and rotate the lens as this is an area I seem to be having difficulty with. Thanks.

  2. thats a great idea christian … count me in!

  3. I would love to attend one of these summer courses Christian.

  4. Hi Christian ,
    I been meaning to email you to see if you offer any courses on photography .

    I would be very keen , just would depending on when you would be running themas would have to fit in around work .

  5. That sounds awesome, i think theres a lot of people who would love to hear from you and learn some new skills.

  6. Let me know Dylan if you want to be added to the list.

  7. yeah please do and ill do what i can to make it to the course!

  8. Awesome idea. Would love to get a chance to attend. Was in the Margaret River Gallery again last weekend. Just get blown away every time I go in .
    Cheers Christian.

  9. Hi Christian,

    I taught Dylan Fox this year in Photography and he shot some great “Christian Fletcher” style images whilst on our annual Year 12 Photography Camp. The students use your work as inspiration for their field photography shoots we complete. Your course sounds great.


  10. Thanks for that info Mark, I’ll keep an eye on the next big thing!! It’s nice to hear the students get inspiration from my work. I did photography back in high school, didn’t get anything good, in fact all my work was dodgy!! Let the students know you can get better with age. BTW I left high school in ’83. Almost 25 years ago, yikes!!

  11. yes Christian, sign me up ….but you better do it quickly! or you wont be able to say you taught Nigel Sparg when he’s a big boy in South Africa. hehe!

  12. Christian is there any more development on the night course?

  13. the only thing holding me back is time and a plan. I want it to be informal and be able to cover everything. The problem at the moment is we are so busy with Christmas coming I can’t get much done. Add to that, we are moving house and have two small kiddies and I need 48 hours in a day. I hope by late January though.

  14. Late Jan 08 sounds great, and yes before xmas for everyone is a nightmare … all the best to you and your family over the period.

  15. Hi CHristian, I love the idea would be great to coincide with my visit. CHeers

  16. Very interested please add me to your list.

  17. Hi Christian,
    Just read about the night course plan.I would be keen on this should you decide to go ahead.
    Cheers Pete.

  18. Hi Christian
    I would love to be involved in a night course. Please add me to the list.
    Chris L.

  19. Hey Christian

    Another interested body… late Jan, early Feb would suit me fine as well.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas


    PS – Yeah…. got 4 kids… understand the 48hr thing!

  20. Hey,
    Definatley interested, please add me to the list! Let me know when & where its on!

  21. Hi Chritian,

    I’m definetely interested as well. Please keep me updated.

    Jamie Paterson

  22. Count me in. We are in Bussleton till the @0th Jan, Any chance of it happening before then?

  23. Thats the 20th of Jan above

  24. Hi Christian,

    Please count me in too.
    Would love to learn from you.

  25. Hi Christian – would love to come along. Please let me know details. Thanks

  26. that sounds brilliant to me, I’m an aspiring landscape photographer from the UK and am in WA March/ April this year and was hoping to get some work/experience with you, so something like this would be excellent to me.

  27. Sounds great, would definitely try to make it, uni permitting.

  28. I would also like to know a bit about this course as well if I could please.

  29. Sounds like a great idea, I’d definately be interested if I can get down to Dunsborough and find somewhere to stay when you do it.

  30. Hi Christian, love to know if you are still running the course sounds great any info would be appreciated

  31. photography coarse sounds excellent! definately count me in! so when you decide keep me posted, well i guess emailed!

  32. If it’s close to the Smog I’ll definitely be a goer for this, if it’s down your way where you can see the sky I’ll try and organise something. This would be n event not to be missed. You should have my email included in this, feel free to use it:-)

  33. Hi christian, are you still going to be running the night course?! I am still interested in attending if its not when my hubby is on shift! ( I have two little ones aswell!)
    Donelle ( Nell )

  34. Hi Christian, Your work has been an inspiration to my phootgraphy for many years now. Would definately be interested in your course as I am always studying other peoples methods and styles in the development of my own.

  35. hey sounds like a sweet idea if im not to late. haha. i was looking around for a night course in photoshop to learn the advanced technigues of photo manipulation. im from mandurah and would benefit
    alot from your expertees.
    cheers, brendo

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