New Karijini Book out now

Forgot to mention my new coffee table book on Karijini National Park in the Pilbara is now available. You can pick it up from any of my galleries for $30. What a bargain, thats cheaper than a slab of beer. If you call the gallery on 0897 591555 and tell them you saw this post on my blog I’ll sign it for you. Thats got to add $0.00003 to the value!!!  Its good enough for the Premier, he bought 25. Actually you all helped to pay for it!!  Hey so did I !!!! Bugger !!! 


~ by christianfletcher on December 1, 2007.

12 Responses to “New Karijini Book out now”

  1. I just picked up your ‘Kairijini’ and ‘Landscapes’ books this morning. They are superb. The print quality and the content inside – wow!

    Keep it up.

    Wish I had have read this first so I could have got them signed.

  2. Sorry about that Beau, if you get back to Dunsborough I will sign them for you. Thanks for the kind remarks mate, I put a lot into the books and am pretty happy with the results.

  3. Christian,
    Just got the book mate, once again outstanding images, layout and written text, just like your landscapes book.

    Got to love that Velvia Slide Film. 🙂

    Armed with your 1ds Mark II and those new panoramic’s your are getting, your next book is going to be a bloody ripper.

    Cheers Matt

  4. Thanks Matt, yeah it is not too bad for crappy old film shots. We are selling a few which is good. Cheers buddy.

  5. Great look foward to seeing some of your new work ,
    Been going throught your other books for inspiration .
    Will be ordering it next week .

  6. let me know when you do and I will make sure I sign it.

  7. Glad to hear its out! I look forward to picking my signed copy on my way through in the next few weeks. If its anything like the last book it will certainly be a big hit. something for us mere mortals to try and emulate. Well done Killer!

  8. thanks Nige, look forward to getting some of your cash!! oh and seeing you of course!!!

  9. Just saw your book in Boffins, but it was wrapped in plastic so I couldn’t get a look. Will get it when my wife lets me spend some more money on photo stuff.

    Where would be a good cheap place to get a book published?

  10. Hi Christian,

    I love both your books, the images and print quality are amazing.

    Next time I’m down South I’d like to come in and get the new one signed if that’s OK.

    Are you ever at the Margaret River gallery or are you at Dunsborough most of the time?

  11. no problems Dave, I am mostly in the Dunsborough gallery, and thanks for the comments on the books, I put a lot into getting right and have them printed at Scott Print in Perth.

  12. China or Hong Kong will print books cheaply but do you want to send your money overseas? Local printers are getting their prices to compete more with China, obviously they will never be as cheap but you have to weigh up what is the right thing to do for everyone. I believe if you are selling images of Australia print it in Australia. That is my opinion. Publishing isn’t cheap but if you have a good product it will sell. Ken Duncan did a book on America and sold 200,000 copies, I would like some of those sales figures!!

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