Wedding Day

had to shoot a wedding on Saturday. It was at 12 noon but luckily we had some nice cloud and the light was pretty even. I don’t normally do weddings but it was a favor for a friend. I was lucky to meet one of the guests, a guy named Andrew Rowlands who is a Cameraman and Director of Photography working in L.A. His film credits include The 11th Hour, The Departed, Matrix movies, Gangs of New York, Meet the Fockers, Meet the Parents, and the list goes on. A real down to Earth bloke considering the people he works with and the industry he is in. The best thing is he had no formal training and just worked towards his goal and took a few risks along the way. It is possible to achieve anything if you really want to. Also met  another guy Peter Watts who has a business doing 360 QTVR’s of the world. His website Panoramic Earth has 360 panos and maps of the worlds best travel spots, cities, towns, islands and Ski resorts. Have a look. 


~ by christianfletcher on December 16, 2007.

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