gt400dp-ltd.jpg   This sunset was one of the best I have seen in the last 6 months. I was lucky enough to be out taking pics. This was a 12 image stitch, the light was pretty even so I didn’t use my Lee ND Grad.


~ by christianfletcher on January 3, 2008.

27 Responses to “Gracetown”

  1. is the ND grad basically an essential for stitching?
    and do you just keep the settings the same as you pan across the landscape, or do you still need to adjust settings to get exposures the same

  2. amazing shot ,
    Exposures came out pretty well even with out a ND grad
    There have been some great sunsets the last couple of days .

  3. Dylan you don’t need the ND grad to do panos it just helps to bring the exposure down of the sky to get a more even exposure. You still want to shoot the panos on manual and not adjust the exposure through each shot. There is always going to be a difference in the light if you shoot a 180 degree pano. I always just get the exposure from the middle of the shot and use that. Kirk there has been some great light, missed it last night as I was over the limit to drive ;-(

  4. alright cheers for that
    i walked out the back of my house and saw an intense red sky and couldn’t believe that i was missing it, its never a good feeling missing an opportunity! i just got to be ready for ones like this amazing one you captured

  5. Nice shot dude.
    so just out of interest, are you going to shoot mainly digital these days? I cant help but feel this shot would look a bit better done in Velvia, still, its pretty sweet.
    Keep up the good work

  6. Hi Anthony, I have all but finished with film. I love the results I am getting now and the change of workflow. I always hated scanning so I now have the perfect solution. I wouldn’t have thought digital would be as good as film on the Fuji but in my opinion with the 1ds markII it leaves it for dead. Others may disagree but this is what I’m into now. Cheers

  7. Yeah I can understand about the scanning side of things, and you are getting great results anyways.
    talking about workflow, I’m sure this would help
    though the price tag certainly wont.

  8. Yeah I can understand about the scanning side of things, and you are getting great results anyways.
    talking about workflow, I’m sure this would help
    though the price tag certainly wont.

  9. yeah I have seen the seitz digital pano. Would seriously look at it down the track.

  10. Hi Christian,

    Incerdible colours, I think I saw this image (or one very like it) in your Margaret River Gallery recently.

    Just wondering what tripod head you use to enable you to keep the camera level when you rotate it to take multiple images for stiching?

  11. I use the 360 Precision Absolute from the UK, bloody expensive $1500. ouch!!

  12. WOW, just looked it up on the web, that’s a serious piece of equipment. And it’s tailored to a specific camera/lens combo, very impressive!

    I get the feeling talking to you could blow my equipment budget out the window 🙂

  13. mine was blown out years ago !!! I don’t have any other expensive habits so I like to spend money on cool photography gear.

  14. Talking of cool gear I heard a rumour that you had a 1Ds MK3 on order, now that would be a great camera for those large panoramic prints 8)

    Do you find the 1Ds MK2 gives you as good a quality as the Fuji did or do you need to stitch images to get the same resolution?

  15. Me getting a 1ds mk3, I wish. Don’t know who started that one. I have been told that the canon glass needs to be improved a bit to handle a camera of that resolution so I will sit and wait to see what happens. I have to stitch the shots to get the resolution to match the fuji, actually I’m exceeding anything I had done on film before.

  16. Just goes to show that you can’t believe all you’re told 🙂

  17. Hi Christian

    Can you please tell me what stitching software you recommend using for a PC?



  18. Hi Ric

    Don’t know about PC’s but I use PT GUI. Do some research on the net you should find something. Better still buy a mac.

  19. about this PT GUI is it a program you download because i just found and it has a download, i just wana know if thats safe.

  20. yep I downloaded it off the net. It’s safe enough, at least My bank account hasn’t been drained by anyone!!

  21. and it was off that same site?
    i just got my new macbook pro so i just wanna always be careful

  22. yes it was from that site. Don’t worry macs are immune to bad stuff!! just back up you photos!!! …………and cross your fingers!!

  23. how do you deal with stitching an that has very little detail in pt gui?
    also how do you know what output resolution to use?

  24. that is hard, haven’t worked that one out yet. Haven’t had the time. Let me know if you find out.

  25. Hey Christian,

    I was down at Redgate this day. Amazing is all I can say

  26. it was a cracker of a sunset wasn’t it Haydn.

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