Yachts, Geographe Bay

gb055dp-ltd.jpg   Every year the bay gets filled with Yachts, a perfect chance to get some shots for the owners. The morning this was taken (3 Jan 2008) was awesome with the conditions being so still. What the photo doesn’t show is the millions of flies buzzing around. I had to wave my hand over the lens between each shot. Was an 8 image stitch, no filters and stylized in photoshop. This is going to be for my limited edition collection.


~ by christianfletcher on January 7, 2008.

20 Responses to “Yachts, Geographe Bay”

  1. i like it!
    i love the way the one yacht is facing towards the shore rather than following the others! it makes it really bold!
    i also really like the kind of overall cyan tone

  2. Simply stunning Christian. I like the overall blue tones of this image even with those amount of boats/yachts it does not look busy with these blue tones.

  3. yeah the morning was blueish with all the cloud around. I did saturate the blues a little but mostly in the water. Thanks guys. As for the boat facing a different direction it was anchored to the shore with a rope but I took it out because it didn’t line up properly in the stitch.

  4. Just a quick question Christian, did you also take a few shots in the water for that POV?

  5. no, I don’t like getting wet, they were all taken from land.

  6. Amazing shot love this one the blue tone looks great

  7. Mate, that is a definite for the limited edition, very very nice. The cloud is awesome. Thats one thing I don’t miss about WA is the flies.

  8. yes the flies are bad but the dungies have kicked in, should get better soon. Trishie at my Dunsborough gallery said it is the best shot I have taken in a long long whilst……………..she is now looking for a new job!! 🙂

  9. Christian, I check into your website now and again and have just found your blog.

    Can you tell me a bit more about what focal length you are using when you are stitching?

    Your photos are awesome, It looks like your style has changed a bit recently.

  10. James I am using between 50 and 70 mm for my stitching. This seems to work well for me as I want to stack lots of images. Yes my style has changed since ditching film a few months back. Someone told me last year that no one on the East coast was using film anymore and that they were all stitching, I thought that was crap but now see that it might be true.

  11. are this photo and the gracetown sunset photo on display in any of your galleries yet?

  12. the gracetown image is in the Margaret River gallery, we have sold two of the yachts in Dunsborough and we are waiting to get the fujiflex framed and then it will hang in Dunsborough gallery. maybe a few weeks before it is ready.

  13. Hi Christian…. Just thought you should know that for a long time you have been such an inspiration to me….

    Thanks so much


  14. thanks for letting me know Mike, now can you tell that to my wife!!! She thinks I’m a little on the uninspiring side!! I love what I do and it’s good that people get something from it, the odd dollar or two helps also 🙂

  15. i have been spending my money on me, which is a good thing after xmas
    but this is a photo that i must have, just as soon as i sell a couple more of mine cause the money is running low!
    since its a limited edition how many prints will there be?

  16. Aside from the stunning images you create I think it’s inspiring just to see a local Perth boy successfully marketing and selling their landscape prints on the scale you do, it gives us all hope that we might also have a chance to make a decent living out of the job we love so much.

    On top of that, everyone I have spoken to about you is full of praise, even your staff say that you are the best boss in the world (or do you pay them extra to say that;) ).

    Just keep doing what you do Christian and you will continue to be an inspiration.

    P.S. Any news on when/if the workshop will be happening yet?

  17. Dylan the edition is out of 200. One of my girls at the gallery recently bought one for herself, she fell in love with it, may even print one for me too!!

    Dave thanks for the comments, I love creating a new image and that is part of the lure for me, also I really really hate hard work so photography is the easiest most enjoyable job around. I do pay my staff to say that !!! The only reason they think I’m a good boss is because I’m away with the fairies most of the time and i leave all the hard decisions to my brother and sister in law.

    As for the course, I have been working away at it all this week, I’m just a bit worried that half you guys are going to know more than me and that is a concern!! I think the first one will be mid February. I will announce something hopefully by next week.

  18. Regarding your course, I can’t speak for others but from my perspective it’s just a great opportunity to mix with other like minded people, swap ideas and learn from someone whose work I admire.

    It’s not about how much you know but what you can learn, and there’s always sopmething new you can learn.

  19. everyone on this blog at least loves your work and just want to learn some more about you and your photography.
    im all ears!!!

  20. thanks guys, I sometimes doubt my knowledge on some subjects but then remember going to a talk by Ken Duncan. He didn’t know anything about scanning or photoshop he had people to do that for him. I still came away feeling like I got something from that and it was cool just seeing the guy on stage and getting an idea of what makes him tick. Came away with a different perception of him, a better one that is. Now I even get to talk to him on the phone…………sorry a bit of name dropping there !!

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