Busselton Jetty

bj304dp.jpg  As a photographer I am always looking towards the sky. This photo of the Busselton Jetty I took last week. I was originally heading to Yallingup but it was completely clouded over. As it looked better towards Busselton I drove to the jetty to get a new shot. Luckily the sky was nice and managed this image. It was about 11 shots from memory at 50mm. The water was pretty hard to correct but it turned out ok. Not my best photo ever but nice colours.

~ by christianfletcher on January 22, 2008.

23 Responses to “Busselton Jetty”

  1. mate you might say its not your best, but i still look at it and think ‘damn i want that on my wall!’
    your pics keep getting better and better!

  2. thanks Dylan, there is a spot I’m not happy with on the right just above the jetty. There had been a fire and the smoke is visible just above the horizon. Spoils the print when enlarged. But that is what happened on the day and there isn’t much we can do about it, don’t worry I tried to do something about it, very hard area to spot.

  3. mate i wouldnt have seen it, maybe cause of the image size but probably much more noticeable to you cause its your work! thats how i think most artists are.
    im still itchin to get to one of your galleries and better still own a some of your work!

  4. Very nice, your photos continue to impress me. We are getting no clouds in Perth lately so its difficult to get some good photos. I don’t know how you stitch the waves, i have such trouble when trying to stitch them so stay away from them.

  5. james i try and blend the problems with a fairly hard brush and try different opacities to get it looking as real as possible. Thing is you guys only see the end result and if you saw the original you would go ahh I see thats not right, oh thats a bit dodgy. But yes I hate having to include water!

  6. Being a beginner and just plucking up the courage to buy photoshop … how do you take the shots? Do you take 2 tiers of shots i.e. the foreground and background or are all of them next to each other? Also, do you start from the inside out or just pan as across the landscape? Sorry for asking the basics but any help would be greatly appreciated. I love this shot by the way!

  7. yeah perth has been pretty plain as far as weather goes…
    clear sky’s for like a week or more! no fun when theres photos you want!

  8. Rich I start from the left and work right. If i am stacking shots I work the same way and shoot the sky first and work down. Hope that makes sense. The software does the rest and it doesn’t care what order you load the images.

  9. Thanks Christian much appreciated

  10. when you take a portrait format photo, how do you keep the light even with the sky
    i usually stitch about four images for a 3:2 photo, would it work to use a grad filter for like the top two images?

  11. Hey Christian, are you stitching 8 or 16 bit images with your panoramas

  12. 16 bit always James.

  13. i have been using 8 bit.
    what is the difference?

  14. 16 bit gives you 65,536 brightness levels to work with 8 bit only gives you 256. i.e. more info smoother transitions between colours no banding etc. If you want the best quality don’t scrimp on file sizes, go as big as you can handle!

  15. Thanks Christian, I have been using 16 bit but it takes ages to stitch on my mac book pro. Was trying to think of ways to speed it up, but I’ll keep using 16bit.

    Thanks for the reply.

  16. Really Nice photo Christian, Love your work

  17. i had two 24 inch prints done at fitzgerald and they did a great job at a very good price! cheers for mentioning them.
    they said you still get all your stuff done up there… you dont drive every time you want some stuff printed do you?

  18. thanks Will.

  19. I print most of my stuff in house now but get Fitzies to print on occasion for us. They are still the best in Perth and have done excellent work for me over the past 6 or so years. Paul is a top bloke and always striving to get better equipment to produce better work. You can send work to him by FTP, give them a call and they can set it up for you. That way you never need to leave home! Thats how we do it.

  20. Whats FTP?
    the cool thing about them is they were always looking for a way that would make my costs the cheapest.

  21. File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the TCP/IP standard way of transferring files across the Internet and between computers. Yes Fitzies are good like that, probably why they are the biggest in town now.

  22. Hi Christian, another great image. just bought my panaramic head here in South Africa, for half the price that they wanted in Perth. just have to work out all nodel points for the lenses I have, thats going to be a lot of fun. We have been experiacing some great skys in the evening, over Sandton city here in Johannesburg, just have to be set up on a hill instead of driving on the highway every day. we will be going into the mountains this week end, a good time to play with the pano head. or even shake out some of the creases in my glider…!

  23. sweet Nige, hope you have fun with it. Watch out for friendly Lions on those late arvo sorties in the mountains. You could take some shots pack the gear into the harness and fly down to the car park or as you say corr pork. Send us some photos when complete.


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