Free, Free, Free

I have decided to give away some free stuff to my loyal bloggers. Each fortnight I am going to put a post on the blog advising of what is going to be given away, all you have to do is be tuned in on the right day and be the first person to call the gallery. Postage will only extend to people in Australia, any international people will have to pay up, sorry about that!! Ok the first person to call the Dunsborough gallery on 08 9759 1555 will get my new Karijini book, signed by me, lucky you, and valued at $1,000,000. Start ringing. 


~ by christianfletcher on January 24, 2008.

20 Responses to “Free, Free, Free”

  1. He he he, looks like I’m the lucky winner of this totally awesome book. Thanks so much Chris and staff………I’m sooo happy, wheee!!!

  2. damn i thought i had it haha

  3. Hehehe, I was the lucky winner of this incredible book, many thanks to Chris and his fine staff for making me one very happy girl……….better luck next time Dylan

  4. Yes it has been won in record time of about 2 minutes. I think that was too easy. Next time I will ask a question and the first right answer will take it out. Congratulations to Rhonda for the lightning reflexes. I had time to do the post and walk down stairs before the phone started going crazy. Make sure you tune in each day because the next post could be for a large photo!! Who knows…………who cares!!! but hey anything for free has to be good value!!

  5. mate as ya say ‘free food is good food’
    im going down to mandurah today to check out your gallery for the first time. ive never driven to mandurah so hopefully i dont get lost!

  6. Well, I missed out, but thanks for doing the blog, I can pick up good titbits here and there.

    Just wondering when Ken Duncan or Peter Lik will start one.

    A tip to anyone, you can use RSS with any reader and get all the blogs you want in one place.

  7. i just got home with my first christian fletcher photo!
    i got windmills, cape naturaliste, which is one i have lways loved. i found my self repeating 3 words in my head through out the gallery , ‘oh my god’ even though i had seen most the photos a million times they look even as a print!
    well done! oh and that winery image that is on top of the blog page at 90 inches was incredible

  8. Damn, I go to Rotto for the day and Christian starts giving away freebies 😥

    Congratulations Rhonda, it’s a great book.

    I know what you mean Dylan, whenever I go into one of Christians galleries I spend ages wandering round admiring the awesome prints and chatting to his staff. I love the Bunker Bay images, that has to be one of my favourite places 🙂

  9. it might be a 2hour round trip to the gallery but i will definetley be heading back very soon!
    i really wanna spend some time in the south and take some snaps down there.

  10. does anybody have photoshop for a mac?
    ive got it on my old pc so ive been using that but it is unbelievably slow and the screens colours arent very true.

  11. Hi Dylan,
    You can get a new motherboard and ram fairly cheaply these days. With that check out the new samsung xl20. It uses LED’s and this is meant to be the best of the cheaper LED’s screens going around.
    It comes with its own Colour Calibrator, is MAC compatible and supports Adobe RGB 1998.
    Cheers Tom

  12. cheers tom but i really need it for my macbook as i will be doing some travels this year.
    thanks heaps anyway

  13. Thanks for buying a photo Dylan, glad you liked the gallery. Yes the 90 inch vineyard print does look great. That is all data, no interpolation, the detail is unbelievable.

  14. im actually going back down to the gallery on thursday.
    i told a friend and she really wanted to go and i wanted to go again , its just a shame that i cant afford a print at the moment! soon ill get another (hopefully the yachts in geographe bay)

  15. I’m going to give away a free print soon on the blog so keep an eye out for the post.

  16. Is that soon today or soon this week 🙂

  17. soon soon mate, I aint saying!!!

  18. haha :mrgreen:

  19. hope it don’t go off tomorrow cause im taking a friend to your gallery and then checkin out another exhibition.

  20. hope it don’t go off tomorrow cause im taking a friend to your gallery and then checkin out another exhibition.

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