Solar Panels

solar5.jpggreen grid power   This is a pic of the new solar panels that have been installed on my house. Just trying to cover some of the electricity we use in the gallery to light the pictures. This system will give us about 7 units a day but we hope to double this size as soon as I sell some more photos. So some of your money is going back into good projects like solar energy…….and a few bad projects like more boys toys!! If you need any info on getting your own solar panels speak to my mate Rainer at Green Grid Power. 


~ by christianfletcher on January 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Solar Panels”

  1. Great idea Christian, we’ve had solar heating for our hot water for years and never looked back.

    Is it expensive to get something like that setup?

  2. we have solar hot water as well, and a rainwater tank plumbed to the toilets and laundry. It cost us about $11,000 I think, have to ask my wife. You get a rebate from the government for $8000. Total cost would have been about $19,000. Extra panels are about $1200 each. We feel good about doing it and it is only a small fraction of cost on a new house. Every new home in Australia should be made to have it put on.

  3. I agree, more people should be taking a more responsible attutude to the environemnt.

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