3 hours to go and counting

if you haven’t phoned your answer through yet you better get a move on. It’s a bit like Telethon at 3 in the morning, the phone lines have gone dead. Lets get em ringing !!!! Joy is waiting for your call, and has a very sexy voice!! Make sure you tell her when you ring, but don’t freak her out ok!! 


~ by christianfletcher on February 1, 2008.

24 Responses to “3 hours to go and counting”

  1. Christian, Judging by the number of posts, you seem to be more excited than most of us are.

  2. Christian obviously likes giving things away, this is something we should encourage in him I think :mrgreen:

  3. I agree with Dave, Christian needs all the encouragement we can give him on this front.
    By the way Christian, what stitching software do you use?

  4. So who one it? It’s 4.05 surely it doesn’t take that long to draw a name out?

  5. yes ok I am excited, but hey I get enthusiastic about things. I want this blog to go through the roof, no point being happy with 500 hits a day, I want 5000. It all helps the brand and giving stuff away is the best thing to keep people interested. We donate images every month to local charities and this keeps us in a favourable light with the community. I want to do the same with the blog.


  6. I use PT GUI Matthew.

  7. it is a big barrel Nic, and I got caught up, sorry for the delay…………..oh and BTW you didn’t win !!!

  8. Neither did I but there’ll be a next time. Thanks for the tip about the software, I didn’t think it would’ve come as a package with a camera somehow. Do you have any autographed copies of the Karijini book at the Mandurah Gallery?

  9. PS Would be that the ‘Pro’ version you’d be using? Awesome website by the way, I’ve been checking your site out for years for some inspiration and this blog is a great addition. The YouTube blog is a credit to your brother(was it?) as well.

  10. Matthew I don’t have any signed books at Mandurah but can post one to you if you like.

    Yes I use the pro version of PT GUI, I think only difference is the ability to do hdr.

    My brother is coming out with me on shoots to film THE ACTION, not really very exciting, but he is dragging his heels on the next video. I think he is sick of me asking for it. next one should be better, due for release in 2009 !!!

  11. christian how often are you out taking pics?
    since im not working and have finished school i have all the time in the world, so im typically shooting a lot!
    but you obviously have to deal with a lot of business things with your photography.



  12. I shoot only if I think it is going to be on, and then only if I’m not dealing with the kids, drunk or sleeping. So not very often. Do most of my work when on holidays!!!

  13. yeah your shots my not be so good if you shit them when your pissed!
    but then again there are those stories of all those drug addict artists…. haha

  14. I think you mean shoot Dylan 🙂

  15. hahaha yeah, thats a unfortunate typo!

  16. could this be the start of a new limited edition? I’ll leave everyone else to continue with the toilet gags 🙂

  17. Christian, that sounds like a plan, what do I need to do to get an autographed book, apart from ring the Dunsborough Galley that is?

    Excuse my ignorance but what is the real benefit of the HDR you don’t have any practical examples you could post do you? From what I’ve read on the PT GUI site I think I like the idea and the coin will have to be parted with.

  18. thats pretty much it, call the Dunsborough gallery and give Trish your details. I will arrange to have a book signed. Alternatively you can send me you details by email.

    The HDR or High dynamic range basically will take three or more shots with differing exposures and blend them into one image with an awesome dynamic range. If you go to flickr and type in hdr you will see lots of examples. I have done it a bit but you seem to get increased noise and chromatic aberation which can look pretty awful. It is still good to have the option to do this in PT GUI though, if you have the time. I have a photo of a red bull plane done with hdr on the blog, may have to go back a few months.

  19. Hi Christian – I take it that you can only use HDR on one frame rather than your 11 stich panos? Do you just use your grad filter to get the right exposure for the foreground and background?

  20. Christian,
    Trish should be on your heels as I write this for an autograph! Thanks for the flickr site, I didn’t know about that one. There’s some nice images I’ll be checking out when I have the time. I’ll trial the basic version of PT GUI and see how I go.

  21. yes Trishie got me on the way to lunch, thanks for ordering the new Karijini book Matthew, hope you like it. There are some amazing images on flickr and a great place to go for some inspiration. Cheers

  22. Rich, no you can hdr all the stitched photos. Basically you just bracket each image in the stitch when shooting and then you end up with three stitched images all about 2 stops apart. I don’t know if ptgui does the hdr work or weather you then get the three finished images and merge them with a program like photomatix.

  23. It is always better to get the exposure even in camera so for that reason I think using the nd grad is always going to be the best option.

  24. Thanks Christian – your help, as always, is greatly appreciated!!!

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