Karijini Book

cover-concept-2.jpg  This is the cover of my new Karijini Book. If you haven’t been there or are planning a trip, make sure you have one of these to guide you to all the best places to photograph. The book is cheaper than a carton of beer or nice bottle of wine and lasts much longer. It won’t mess with your health and I’ll even sign it and tell you how wonderful I am (figjam). Hey how about this, Valentines day is coming, why not get it for someone special in your life. Think about it,………..”honey I got you a Christian Fletcher book”……………what!! I think I love you even more now!! Sweeeeet!! Go on make someones day. Ring Trish tomorrow on 08 97591555 and we will throw in a bookmark and a free gift card so you can write a smoochie note to your darling. That is Wednesday only ok?


~ by christianfletcher on February 5, 2008.

11 Responses to “Karijini Book”

  1. Damn you’re a smooth salesman, I’m tempted to buy one and I’ve already got one 🙂

    For those of you that don’t have any of christian’s books they are well worth it and the signed ones may even be worth a fortune one day …

  2. Wife bought me one late last year, now I just need that priceless autograph …. When is Trish available to sign it for me … Just kidding 🙂

  3. mine arrived this morning … damn, I should of waited. Awesome book though and it turns out we’re staying in the same place as you for our trip up north. Can’t wait – the eco retreat looks great!

  4. Haha, if I gave that to my wife she would laugh and know its a present for me.

  5. one of my signed books could be worth a fortune…………if it had a winning lotto ticket in it. Otherwise it’s pretty much worthless, that is unless you give it to your wife for valentines day. The eco retreat is great, make sure you check out the solar panels, they generate some awesome power.
    The thing about women is they know what we are thinking before we think it, scary stuff.

  6. The bigger version of this makes quite a good computer desktop wallpaper, can we have a 1280*1024 version please?

  7. here it comes

  8. Who, what, why, when and where?

  9. where do I buy a Christian Fletcher Karijini book? I’ve been there and the photos are superb. Need to make images in glass.

  10. APPA book category!

  11. Tom can you enter any book in the appa’s

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