Photography Course

I have just announced the date for the first course outlining my workflow the 8th of March. I have one spot left to fill so please let me know if you wish to attend. I will announce more dates soon. The course is being held at my Dunsborough gallery.


~ by christianfletcher on February 20, 2008.

16 Responses to “Photography Course”

  1. awesome

    mate i just went into a framing shop on scaborough beach rd and it is full of your work!

  2. Hi there
    Would love to be your last person on this course, costs permitting.
    I have browsed your site only briefly after finding it in a discussion board on flickr. I was wondering if you could send me the details, time location and cost please.
    I will answer today once I have the information

  3. Info on the way Carol.

    Yes Dylan that is Cosmic studios who stock more than enough of our work.

  4. Good to hear you getting it off and started, only problem is Im now in South Africa.? how are we going to work this one out.;o) may have to get your bro to video the whole course and send me a copy…! [better than videoing static bolders with Christian fletcher laying suductivly all over them…!]

    Good to hear its all happening. will be up or down in October, and will look you up.

  5. Accommodation is booked, can’t wait to get down there.

    Bringing the whole family for a long weekend in Bunker Bay so hopefully I can learn all Christians secrets and then take some great pics too 🙂

  6. Gee things move fast, I go away for a couple of days and the course books out.


  7. You should have no life like the the rest of us and just sit in front of your PC all day 😦

  8. James, two people have since emailed me to say they can’t make that night so I have two spots left open. Let me know if you want to come along.


    p.s. there is no time for going away!!

    Hi Nige, I will have to come to SA next year and you can take the course then. Will need a bodyguard for when we shoot some nightscapes around Jo-burg. You watch my back and take the bullets.

  9. Yeah send me the details I’d love to come along.

    PS I was away for work so no fun for me.

  10. Any chance of a course in Victoria……….perhaps Bright area?

  11. Cant make this one will be very keen for the details and date on the next course though

  12. Not a bad idea doing a course in Bright during the Autumn festival, could pay for my trip, will have to keep that one in mind. Do you think you could find ten people to do it Rhonda?

  13. Hi Kirk

    I will see if I like doing them after this first one and then make a decision. I think it will be fun but if I get asked too many had questions I may crumble and shrink back into my own little world, away from pixels and colour profiles. It might be a bit like an interview with George Bush, lots of ahhs and umms. We will see. Still I am a Leo so I should love this stuff !!

  14. My husband and I would be two definates….don’t know many fanatics out here but if you could send me some details,eg costs and hours involved I will gladly scout around … and treat you like a rock star !!!!

  15. Hi Rhonda & Christian,
    I would gladly travel across to Bright from the Grampians.
    It’s a little easier than crossing the Nullarbor.
    Count me in.
    Cheers Tom

  16. Hi Christian,
    I’d be very interested in the course. Would appreciate it if you can email me the details. Are there any spaces left for 8th March? Otherwise a future date


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