y600dp.jpg  This is a shot of Yallingup taken last week when we had all the good cloud. I like the water colour and overall pastel tones. With this shot I used the B&W ND filter which strung each exposure in the stitch to 30 seconds. Was an amazing night, so balmy and still. I was asked by bloke “why did you set your tripod up so low, were you looking for a different angle”, my reply to him was no my tripod legs are so loose they don’t stay up past a certain level !! You think I would have a decent tripod wouldn’t ya!!


~ by christianfletcher on March 4, 2008.

18 Responses to “Yallingup”

  1. Nice one again, the time elapse exposure on the ocean make it look almost like silk. That PI GUI is something special, I took a series at Woodmans Point on Sunday, the water was choppy due to the ‘doctor’ but I haven’t been able to pin down the joins’, yet!

  2. this is awesome!
    reminds me of a peter eastway photo.
    great stuff!

  3. Getting the joins in the water right is the hardest thing with stitching. Most I have managed to fix but a couple were a bit challenging. Still beats spotting a dusty trany any day.

    Thanks for the compliment Dylan, I thought it was a little Eastway myself !!

  4. i have just started up my own blog with word press. i looked for a different theme but this is the only one i think is any good…
    could be a while however, before i reach 17,746 hits! haha

  5. Lovely shot, Awesome Colours!

  6. yes this theme is pretty nice Dylan. As for the amount of hits that will come with time, don’t forget I have been in this game for over 17 years now, if I wasn’t getting this many hits I probably would have gone broke years ago. I spend more time every day on my blog, it is great for exposure but a real time waster!! Still I don’t know how I ever did with out it.

  7. The ND3 is nice. I also have an ND6, but I get a bit of colour cast with the 6 and also when I stack them. I love those silky seas.

  8. I have purchased a infra red UV to correct this colour cast you get from the ND’s. Haven’t tried it yet but it is supposed to work.

  9. My tripod also has one loose leg and when I extend my tripod I have to twist it so it stays in place. My tripod looks like it has been on the frontline, too many years shooting on the coast, being thrown over fences, being dropped when you fall over rocks. Still plenty of years left in the Manfrotto. Nice work with the ND’s on this one.

  10. Great image Christian, this style of image really creates strong emotional vibes.

    It’s nice to see more artistic flare appearing in photography 🙂

  11. thanks fellas, I like it too. Put it to the girls in the gallery and I only got subdued mmms and ahhs, so it isn’t a winner. Still I think it will make it to the pool room.

  12. do you use the screw on filters? Because I have a B&W GND filter seems to make stitching a bit harder in the sky maybe I should get a ND filter.

  13. Are you talking about a graduated ND filter that screws on? I use Lee ND grads that are rectangular and slide into the holder. I have no real issues when stitching. The B&W ND screws on and this is fine also.

  14. yeah the Graduated ND Filter I think I might get a B&W ND Filter and some lee filters, I think its the graduated filter along with a bit of 5d vinegeneting that is the problem with the GND hehe Thanks .

  15. Christian, A great image that has just raised my inspiration to another level. If only I did’nt live so far from the coast I think I would be there often. Great colours and the long exposure creates a soothing mood.

  16. thanks Graeme.

  17. Hey Christen, nice colours. Can I ask what is stitching? Is it joining several frames together to create one larger frame? If so what is the advantage, a larger flie size?

  18. yes stitching is joining photos together seamlessly. The advantage is a huge file size with no need to blow images up., hence better resolution.

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