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i304d.jpg  This is a new image taken at Injidup Point a couple of weeks ago. I am going to use it in my Saturday night course to show how I modify my images in photoshop. I like how it turned out. It was a four image stitch which gave me a 20″ x 30″ at 250dpi


~ by christianfletcher on March 7, 2008.

18 Responses to “Course Image”

  1. Dramatic, Striking & Beautiful Composition. Gorgeous!

  2. Very nice, are those 4 images two wide by two high? I’m going to have to do your course sometime! Preferably in the winter it you’re going to be doing them then.

  3. Awesome, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night. Look forward to catching up. See you then.

    Jamie Paterson

  4. Great shot love the color of the water and movment in the clouds , cant wait to see how it turns out

  5. Hi Kirk,

    If you’d like to see the photo its at my house, I was the very lucky winner of the photo. Woo Hoo!!!

    Thanks again must go to Christian for a fascinating insight into his world. For anyone contemplating going on his next course don’t hesitate, jump on it.


    Jamie Paterson

  6. Great night, lots of useful info from a top guy.

    Should be billed as “An Evening With Christian Fletcher” as course sounds way too formal!!! 😀

    Much respect.


  7. yeah that print looked awesome!
    i have just got home and now i cant wait to get back to dunsborough!
    christian, the course was awesome for me!
    to be able to meet and really get to know the guy who’s images got me into landscapes, was awesome!

  8. Just back home from attending Christians first course on Saturday night. Very informative night. Christian has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the small group. I learnt more from the night than I had hoped for. Details where specific and easy to understand in a very relaxed setting. I left with tools that will make me a better photographer, what more could I ask for?

    Thanks again Christian for having this night I look forward to the knowledge I gained into practice from now on, it was invaluable.

    If you on the fence about attending one of these courses, don’t be. Its not everyday you get the chance to learn from what I consider one of the best exponents of landscape photography in the country.


  9. Hi Neal and Dylan,

    Your photos rock as well!!! If you guys ever want to head down to Dunsborough on a photography weekend, let me know. I’ve got an onsite caravan down there that can sleep up to 5 people, we could head down there together and go snap happy.

    Maybe we could even convince Christian to have a beer / wine with us.


  10. Great evening, lots of good info with a top guy!

    Should be billed as “An Evening With Christian Fletcher” as course is far too formal a title! 😀

    Much respect!



  11. sounds awesome!
    just let christian know there will be beer, and we might get some on site training!

    ill have my pics from the weekend on my blog either tonight or tomorrow morning, so please check them out.

    i was also happy when i came home to a voicemail, that was from a lady wanting to buy a few prints! good way to top off the weekend!


  12. Wicked Dylan!! Well done. Which pics does she want to buy?

  13. im not sure jamie. but i will talk to her tomorrow and i will have my dunsborough shots ready by then, so she can see them too!
    ill try and mentioned how much nicer a big 40 inch print will look!

  14. Sounds like a cool idea jamie paterson. I would certainly be up for a weekend shoot.

  15. Matthew those are 4 images side by side. Cheers

  16. Christian, I haven’t had any motion blur problems, but I will eventually have a image with little things such as the trees on top of the dune in this one. I remember you making some new layers for this one, but can’t remember how you were able to keep everything but the sky sharp. Hope that makes sense. Cheers

  17. you need to make a detailed selection of the area you want to blur. Then put it up on its own layer, hit command j whilst the selection is on. You need to then invert the selection and then put that selection up on its own layer. Then just blur the sky layer and put the land a tree layer on top so it is still sharp. Piece of cake………….well actually it is a bit confusing but if you fiddle around a bit you will getting looking right.

  18. Cheers mate

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