First Course

I just wanted to thank all the guys who attended the first course, you all made it very easy for me, not too many hard questions!! You were a great bunch of blokes and I am inspired to carry on doing more courses now as this was successful. Thanks for the kind comments and I hope you can get better results with the tips I have given you. I am going to announce the date of the next course this week. I may look into doing a complete photoshop course one day too but that is down the track. Sorry to Karen who was sick on the night and couldn’t make it, all the guys missed you !!!


~ by christianfletcher on March 10, 2008.

26 Responses to “First Course”

  1. Christian, not only was the course awesome and very laid back, but for me it was an opportunity to meet the guy behind the photos that are the reason I found my passion for landscapes!



  2. Hi Christian,

    Just got back from the trip to Dunsborough, had a great weekend, the evening at your gallery was superb and it was good to finally meet you in the flesh.

    Thanks alot for putting together a incredibly interesting and informative course. The informal approach worked really well with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and see first hand how you go about creating and printing your images.

    I highly recommend anyone interested in Landscape Photography get on one of Christians courses as soon as they can.

    I hope your wife is still speaking to you afer we kept you chatting half the night (we weren’t down the pub Mrs Fletcher, honest) 😉

    Time to go look through the images I took over the weekend and see if there are any worth posting up on my blog …

  3. I told my wife we were at the pub!! actually I told her you guys would only drink water, I guess after I fleeced you there was no money left for beer!! Thanks for the rap Dave and some great tips yourself, will look into that sharpening program, what was it called again?

  4. Next time you should raise the price and lay on beer and taxi’s home 😎
    Of course that may well end up with your gallery being trashed and everyone forgetting what they learned …

    The sharpening tool is PhotoKit Sharpener by a company called Pixel Genius, here’s a link to their web site:

  5. If Christian increases the price of the course I hope the quality of female visitors improves. 😉 I’m stoked, just got the call from Brendan at PRA, my 1DS MkIII is here!!!!

    Jamie Paterson

  6. Hi Christian ,
    Glad to here every thing went well on the first course .
    Will definatly be keen for the next course

  7. Jamie mate i cant wait to one day have a 1Ds or even a 5D.
    Hope you have fun with it.

  8. I forgot to mention the i have put up three of my shots from the weekend on my blog, check them out!

    And Christian i mentioned that my blog was coming up 200 hits, well i think it may have past 300! And in less than a day i had about 200 hits on my site! gotta be happy with that!!!
    i also see your blog is coming up 20,000 strong.


  9. Thanks Christian for your time on Saturday night . For me it was a great night looking into how it all works for you and to what we could do to make it work better for us.
    The casual atmosphere and your easy going nature just topped off a great night.

    More than worth the 4hr trip from Northam.

    Merv French

  10. Hey whats up with the times we post a blog they are way out.

    Better get the Blog babe onto it.


  11. I think the night was lacking some female input and some nice wine or something along those lines so I am thinking of providing free wine for the next session. That is if I can get a sponsor on board like Vasse Felix or Forrester.

    So Jamie you will have to show us some killer files from the mark 3, we are all very envious of your recent purchase, hope you love it, may encourage me to get one too.

    Thanks for the link to the sharpening site Dave, much appreciated, we can all hopefully benefit from that tip.

    Merv it was a pleasure meeting you again, It is good to see you are very enthusiastic about taking photos and I’m sure you will have a good handle on photoshop by the end of the year. Just remember you guys to get a hold of Scott Kelbys book from Amazon and check out the photoshop user TV podcast on itunes.

    cheers guys

  12. great news about the blog Dylan, see it doesn’t take long for people to get into it. Just make sure there is always something to see or read and you will keep them coming back.

  13. cant see the new images Dylan, any problems with your site?

  14. We will have to drag your butt over here to Victoria for that course soon. It would be great if I had and ocean coming up to my front door in the Grampians, just the colour and long exposures you are getting is awesome, and all of the other guys blogging on your site. I have just followed your lead and put some images up on my new blog hopefully it will keep me motivated for all the sunrises and sunsets.

    Cheers Tom

  15. Christian, are you talking about the new shots on the blog?
    thats weird… i can see them and others can…
    wordpress was having a few minor problems yesterday, that might be it. i guess just try again later..

  16. WordPress had a minor glitch about an hour ago, I could see some blogs but not others.

    Just blame it on the computers 😆

  17. yeah last night, i could see mine, then for a minute or so i couldnt… but they all seem fine now.

  18. cool I’ll have another look.

  19. I got to use the 1Ds MkIII for the first time last night during a modelling shot in Freo. All I can say is nice, very nice. Brendan lent me a 50MM f1.2 lens to test and I loved the results.

  20. Brendan still trying to sell that 50mm. I got mine second hand and love that lens. That is what I am using for my stitching.

  21. sounds like it was really good! would have loved to have gone 😦 will there be any more down here in Perthish area??

  22. Will, all nights will be run in my Dunsborough Gallery as there I can show people fully how I do things. I have the photos framed on the walls, all my computers, and best of all , it is just down the road from home. However you never know I may go to Perth one day and do it.

  23. So did you buy the iPod Touch? 🙂

  24. ordered my ipod touch today, wife gave the ok as I told her about the change I had been saving for the past year. She said well I’m getting an iphone then…….deal I said!!!

  25. Hey christian the courses sound excellent, will do one when times don’t clash.
    Can I ask which of the Scott Kelby books do you recommend?

  26. will let you know when the next one comes up. I have Scott Kelbys book, photoshop cs3 for digital photographers.

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