Course Dates

It is becoming obvious that most people have got something on for the 29th of March. Must be a busy day for work and socialising. I have decided to keep the date open but will not run it unless I can fill the final seats. So far I have 4 people confirmed so need 6 more. Please let me know asap if you can make that date. 29th March 2008. Is it worthwhile trying for a Sunday or Friday night? 


~ by christianfletcher on March 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “Course Dates”

  1. Fletch i would love to come!
    Don’t put my name down yet, but i have already been trying to get back down just to get pics!

  2. Yeah I’m seriously coming back down again. Have to talk to wife as its our anniversary weekend.

  3. no probs guys, I’m always happy to steal your money if you want to come back for more goodness and wholesome fun.

  4. haha!
    i went to canal rocks on sunday and looked at that jetty and thought jesus!, this is a very ordinary looking spot, after seeing your photos of it! you two jetty shots there are awesome!

  5. Hey Christian ,
    I have got no luck at getting down at any time durring the weekend of the 29th , as working both days now .
    Will def be keen if you end up moving the dates otherwise will just have to wait for the next course .

  6. thanks Dylan

  7. I tried to come down as well, as previously mentioned though its our anniversary weekend. I got the ‘are you really willing to commit marital suicide’ look over the question. hehe. At least I tried.

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