Photo to give away

p200d.jpg  To celebrate over 20,000 hits in 4 months this weeks prize is a 12″ x 18″ fujiflex photo printed at CFL valued at a squillion bucks. The question is  – what is the name of the dog in my photo of Millbrook Farm. It is on my website somewhere, and the clue to finding it is……………. Email me the answer along with your contact details and you could win “the boat” I will draw the lucky person next Thursday the 20th. Go for it. Email address


~ by christianfletcher on March 13, 2008.

28 Responses to “Photo to give away”

  1. Sweet!

  2. lol Your give away prizes keep going up in price 🙂

  3. yeah I know, makes it sound more impressive each time 🙂

  4. Christian mate, I have a couple more new pics on my blog, and one from Bunker Bay last Saturday with the nice clouds.

  5. I also see that you have just added up to 100 inch prints on your pricing page. When is one of those coming up on the blog for competition? haha jokes

  6. they look great Dylan, after you have worked your images, go back and have another look the next day, I always end up editing more. With these last images I think there is scope to add more contrast. Check your levels to see if you can brighten them up a little. Also when I shoot white sandy beaches I try to make the sand look whiter, a selective colour adjustment can fix that. Otherwise great stuff. Still think your images you put on the net need more sharpening, make sure you address that issue mate.


  7. glad someone noticed the price changes, I did that today, at least it wasn’t in vain. As for a 100 in give away, you never know, it may just happen.

  8. yeah i still havent got photoshop on my mac yet, but once i do i will sharpen the web shots.
    yeah i wasnt sure how white the beach should be…
    thanks heaps mate, i really appreciate any advice.

  9. fletch if you think you are finished editing and you sharpen an image, but then later go back like you said and do some more touch ups, should you sharpen again once you finish?

  10. Dylan, for my workflow I never save the sharpened images over the original.

    Often you will need to use different sharpening settings depending on what size you are printing the image at (or what media you are using) so I always do all my processing and save the image in photoshop as my master image file.

    Then I will resize the image to the size I want to print, apply my sharpening settings and save the image to another (flattened) file so I can reprint it with exactly the same settings in the future.

    If I ever need to re-process the image I will delete the sharpened file I printed from and recreate it after I have made the changes to the master file and resharpened it.

    I hope some of that makes sense 🙂

  11. yeah that does Dave, thanks for that. I have the newer Bunker Bay shot on the blog, i think the clouds are a bit blown.

  12. yes, I do it the same as Dave. I will do a small amount of sharpening on the original file but then sharpen for the size print I am producing. Bigger prints require more sharpening. You can make the photo look too sharp on the screen and this will print ok. It is getting used to the results you like and making a note for the next one. It always varies so it is had to say just use these settings. Some images can take a lot of sharpening.

  13. thanks for that guys, i’m just waiting to get my screen calibrated before i do any more editing, cause i think theres a few photos i might have to go back over for some touch ups

  14. Christian, when you upload your images to your site, do ever see a slight saturation loss compared to the original?

  15. Dylan, I assume you are working on your shots using the AbobeRGB colourspace in Photoshop.

    If so you will need to convert them to the sRGB colourspace before uploading them to the web as PC’s in general do not understand AdobeRGB (outside of Photoshop) so your colours will look different.

  16. cheers dave.
    does it still have that effect if im working on a mac?
    I tell ya what, theres a lot of annoying little things when it comes to computers.

  17. Yes computers are very annoying, but they can be useful too 😆

    Yes the issue still exists on the MAC, it uses colour spaces the same way a PC does so you still have to make sure you convert everything to sRGB before uploading to the web.

    I highly recommend you read up on Colour Management and Colour Spaces, it will help alot when learning how to process and print your images.
    Norman Koren’s web site has some very usefull info that is worth taking the time to read (click here to go there).
    It will probably be a bit confusing to start with and you might want to skip the bits with “Science” in the title (or risk your mind exploding 😆 ) but it will give you a good grounding on what it is all about.

  18. cheers mate, you seem to be loaded with info!
    I have a new image about to go on my blog, check it out.
    cheers again!

  19. yeah thanks Dave, you make my job easier too ta 🙂

  20. Damn, I should be putting all this on my blog. No wonder I’m not rich and famous yet 😆

  21. haha theres your problem!

  22. Loving that LAB tip from the course pretty much that alone was worth the course fee ….. SInce there was no wine or beer 😉

  23. yeah the lab stuff is great!

  24. sorry about the lack of booze, the next course will have it but they won’t get the LAB trick!!!

  25. should have held out for the booze although the LAB trick is pretty neat … off to the karijini tomorrow, cant wait, but the suspense of not knowing who won the photo will be killing me!! Starting to have second thoughts about the drive though!

  26. RIch thats awesome your heading up there, look forward to seeing your results from the trip.

  27. the drive to Karijini is a bit long but thats the deal when traveling in WA. I was supposed to be in Karijini this week but the trip was cancelled due to work commitments, the next trip is to Esperance but that is looking shaky too. I wish I had the freedom I used to have! Good luck shooting, you should get some good build up in the afternoons, hopefully a thunderstorm or two.

  28. Monkey Mia (esp cape Peron) and the Karijini were awesome and I recommend that everyone gets up there as the shooting is excellent. Get yourself a good pair of boots, a dry bag and a LIGHT tripod … I now have arms like tree trunks! Unfortunately Exmouth was under water so no whale sharks and unfortunately no photos. A great trip with now many hours behind the computer seeing if I got anything half decent! The Eco Retreat is a great place to stay and will look loads better once all your photos are up in the bar!!

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