last days to win

get in by 3.59pm tomorrow to win the fujiflex photograph. All it takes is an answer to a simple question and an email to me, and you could win. Question:  who is the dog on the porch in my Millbrook farm photograph. You have a better chance with this than any lotto ticket, and it won’t cost you a cent,,,,what? free stuff??? What are you waiting for?


~ by christianfletcher on March 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “last days to win”

  1. can we enter twice?!?!?!? haha

  2. why not, I would, just make up some alias’s.

  3. Wish I could find the name of the dog and win a picture to dream in.

  4. No Dylan! You cant enter more than once, back off. lift your fingers off the keyboard, and slowly step away from the computer! I like “The boat”, and i dont want you to have it. Its mine!! (sorry mate we havnt spoken before i am actually saying this nicer than it sounds,you just cant tell when you’re reading it…)

  5. I hope you don’t own any semi-automatic weapons Jenny 😆

  6. I think she means business Dylan, watch you back buddy.

  7. Yeah if I win I’ll be in trouble! haha
    Fletch mate, I made my own logo thing, it’s on my blog.

  8. its all good fellas, i dont own any semi automatic weapons. you guys are safe for now, that is until i fall in love with the next pic.

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