And the winner is ???

I have to leave early today so the prize has been drawn now……………..big drum roll……………the winner of the very expensive, valuable, fujiflex photograph, signed and post in a tube to where ever you live in the world……………………….. Michelle Flynn. Congratulations your photo will be posted today, hope you like it. If not I think Jenny really wants it and is prepared to kill too!! Sorry to all the others who tried bribes and nice comments to win, they just weren’t nice enough. Oh and Michelle thanks for the carton of Redbacks………….just jokking!!!


~ by christianfletcher on March 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “And the winner is ???”

  1. oh that’s to bad, I was just about to send you a gift voucher for the local bottle-o! i guess I’ll keep it. haha
    well done michelle

  2. Bugger Bum Poo…arhhh next time! glass is half full, glass is half full…sigh

  3. wow im speechless, best early birthday present ive ever gotten!

  4. ok ok i can handle a loss,…this time. luckily, as it turns out im not a very violent person! i do really really like the boat & i did really really want to win it but I can accept it because its michelle’s bth’day soon, oh and dylan you’re off the hook too. you can enter as many times as you like now,haha seriously though, congrats michelle! Enjoy

  5. Pity bribes work really well here in Africa, and all the amount of sucking up didnt help aswell, just left a bad taste in my mouth. hehehe ;o)

    well done Michelle.

  6. cheers Jenny, I was scared for a minute there! haha

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