Solar Panels

A month or so ago I added a photo of the solar panels on our roof. Well we finally got our first bill from Synergy. For one month our total energy usage cost us $2.25. We are pretty good with electricity and only used an average of 11 units per day. We produce about an average of 10 units from our panels so we are very happy with the results. We saved over $51 in the month so time to pay off our panels if this is the norm, 17.89 years. Still this time amount will go down if the price of electricity goes up and we would have saved hundreds of tones of co2 going into the atmosphere. Pretty cool I think.


~ by christianfletcher on March 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Solar Panels”

  1. Wow thats great!! I dont think I’d mind only paying $2.25 a month for my electricity!!!

  2. Put the Air Conditioning on 24 hrs a day and you’ll pay of the panels in under a year. Relatively speaking that is 😉

  3. Wow thats great ,
    Were the solar panels expensive to install ?

  4. hey christian cheers for pushing me into sharpening my web images! I doubt you spend 1/4 of the amount of time i spend on your blog, but all my latest images have been sharpened, and I will continue to do so. looks much better.
    thanks mate

  5. Very cool Fletch this is a great initiative and you are setting a great example to other high electricity users out there and showing it can be done. Give Ken a call I didn’t see any solar panels on his gallery last week. 🙂 Hopefully next month you can sell some power back to the grid… but make sure you add the profit into your next BAS statement and pay GST on it ok.

  6. the solar panels cost $11,000 installed but you can get a basic kit for $6000 now. The government kicks in $8000 for the rebate, i.e the total cost was $19,000 but we only paid the $11,000. I think we have saved almost 400kg of co2 going into the atmosphere too in the past 2 months.
    I was wondering about Mr Duncans eco stand, I guess we need to ask him about it, anyone going to put their hand up?
    Everyone building a new house should be adding solar panels and a rainwater tank. Our tank is flushing our toilets and going to our washing machine. Love hearing the pump coming on when we flush, makes you feel like nothing is being wasted………well except for the waste!!!!

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