2nd course finished

Thanks to all that attended the course on Saturday night, I had a ball and hope you got something out of it. Special thanks to Kingsley from photo coffee for finding me a bottle opener. Thanks for that. Hope you guys and girls get some better results after my advice. Remember to keep an eye on the blog and feel free to ask question that you might have. It was a pleasure getting to talk with you all.


~ by christianfletcher on March 30, 2008.

13 Responses to “2nd course finished”

  1. I enjoyed the course and definitely picked up a few tips throughout the night. It was the first time I had been to your Dunsborough gallery and I was very impressed.. Thanks for signing the books, too.

  2. Hi Christian, Helen and myself had a fantastic time, learnt a lot and would love to catch up in Rockingham sometime?


  3. Thanks for the EXCELLENT course Christian. Dan Weaver and myself came away inspired and learnt a great deal. Being new to the industry, it was great to hear your story, view your work and see workflow and systems. Will be applying some of your workflow ideas notably using RAW for landscapes etc (noting Aperture 2.1 is now handling these files brilliantly) and printing ideas.
    Thanks a bucket – hope to catch up with an update on how we are doing, and I would be so honored if you managed to drop in and check us out.
    Highly recommend your course – very inspirational.
    Cheers – Kingsley

  4. I had a great time on Sat. night Christian, and I will be recommending the course to my students and other fellow photographic enthusiasts!

    I took my ‘father in-law’ into the gallery on Sunday (he has been a photographer for over 40yrs) and he was very impressed! He has also just recently gone digital but has not yet ventured into Photoshop. After seeing your work, he said that he will definitely get going on that one!!!

  5. Glad you liked the gallery Beau, and had a good night.

    Thanks David, Helen, Kingsley and young Dan, It was a fun night for me too, just love talking about myself!!! probably why the night goes on so long!! I might tell the next participants to start yawning if they get bored. Unfortunately I am a Leo so it’s hard to keep my enthusiasm down!!! Would love to come to see your operation one day. Will have to call through on a Perth trip soon. I will have a look at Aperture too and maybe we could start a discussion on Lightroom and Aperture to see who thinks what is better. All I know is I need to get one of them!


  6. thanks Karen for the recommendations, I really appreciate your input last Saturday it is always good to have some locals turn up.


  7. Christian, Thanks for a great night on Saturday, really enjoyed it. You mentioned the program you use for stiching your photos, can you let me know what it is. I have a shocking memory and even forgot to take a pen so I could write these things down. Keep up the good work.

  8. no problems Tim, glad you could make it. The software is called PT GUI. You can download it from the net, one sweet program and very easy to use. I will make a note to have some pens handy for the next course.

    cheers mate.

  9. Thankyou Christian for a “GREAT” coarse, I learn’t so much and would like to recommend it to many Armature/Pro photographers. Also thanks for the coarse notes, well presented. Hope to keep in touch on the blog now and then.
    Cheers John

  10. Hi Christian,
    Belinda and I had a great night on Saturday, we learnt new tips and tricks and have ordered some new equipment to attempt to get the `Christian Fletcher Effect`.
    My view on Lightroom or Aperture is that as a Landscape photographer, Bridge is a more than adequate program for what we use it for. My workflow is down to about 5 -10 mins, that`s converting to DNG, archiving to ex hd, viewing slideshow, adding metadata, batch renaming and keywords. Then it`s another hour to stitch and save the image (my poor comp). Save the $400 and take the wife away for the weekend (they love it).

    Thanks mate.

  11. Hi Christian,
    Good to meet you on the weekend.

    I got up early on Sunday morning and captured this one,


  12. nice shot Paul, looks very Peter Eastway to me!! Good to meet you too, good luck with all your shooting.

  13. Hi Michael, glad you guys enjoyed the night and took something away with you. Thanks for your views on Lightroom and Aperture. My wife would like your suggestion, but what do we do with the kids???? Cheers

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