Photo from the course

unknown.jpeg   This a photo taken by Kingsley of Photo Coffee at the last course. Very relaxed. Thanks Kingsley for the photo.


~ by christianfletcher on March 31, 2008.

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  1. glad to see the yacht photo is still hanging (my favorite)
    did the dog have to pay?

  2. Woo, I just squeezed into the shot! I was hoping Kingsley would share the photos he took on the night…

    I just posted a couple of my panos from Dunsborough on my blog.


  3. Cool there was even a pup on the night, Jake? I think I would of ben side tracked hanging out with Jake all night if he was there on the night I was at the course.

  4. Women, wine and pets, looks like the perks go up with every course 🙂

    Glad to hear the second course was another success Christian.

  5. Ive started using PTGui and it’s doing well considering my shots are done with no pano head! My latest images had a few parallax problem, and the noise is also a problem. Ive never noticed the noise from long exposures untill after your course, so thanks heaps for opening my eyes (literally) to the problem. Noise Ninja will be next!

  6. Hi Christian and all, any hints on to how to get lines out of your stiches? I get the odd pano where one shot looks like a different exposure … each shot is on manual and unchanged and the control points are spot on, any help on blending this out in PS would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Rich as I have come up with that had this happen to myself I find that opening all images in Camera raw and adjusting the exposure etc then converting to a tiff helps with exposures that are just a shade different.

  8. Dylan have you noticed much difference in ptgui to PS stiching.

    are you using just your tripod for panning?

  9. Thanks for the help – I was trying that last night and I just made it worse … perhaps i need more patiance with it. I think that the clouds were moving pretty quick that day so my last two frames were in sunlight.

  10. Merv before PTGui I was simply using the eraser tool to blend images. starting the eraser at a small size at 100% opacity, then 75% with slightly bigger brush, then 50% with bigger brush…etc

  11. Hey Christian ,
    Looked like a good night ,
    Any news on a third course yet ?

    Out of intrest how much is that Geographe Bay shot in the background 🙂

  12. Hey Christian ,
    Looked like a good night ,
    Any news on a third course yet ?

    Out of intrest how much is that Geographe Bay shot in the background 🙂

  13. Hey….. you know what they say, if you gotta ask the price you can’t afford it.

    … LOL …

  14. Wow very nice looking Gallery you have there, If I may say somthing about the exposures if your taking a wide panno somtimes the exposures will slightly differ across the sky.

  15. high guys just got back from Esperance had some awesome light, lucky me. Shot every day thanks to a very understanding wife.

    Dylan the dog had to pay extra because he could see in the dark, that gives him an advantage over the rest of us. Glad you are seeing the things that need to be addressed if you are to do really good work. Noise is nasty in photos especially when they are blown up big. Noise Ninja is great, when you get it just remember to watch the loss of detail you can get in areas of fine detail, i.e. rocks.

  16. Beau, good to see everyone taking images on the weekend they are down for the course. Clear skys are a problem, and I try to avoid them. One thing to try is take the photos after the sun has gone down so you still have a glow on the rocks and the skys can get a little more interesting. A gradient to spunk things up a little always works well. Remember the course image I showed you guys last Saturday, I added the blue gradient and it came alive. Well done though, unfortunately us landscape photographers are at the mercy of the weather. That is what makes it special. Cheers

  17. Neal, alas poor old Jake has been dead for over 5 years now. That was Kingsleys dog and he didn’t quibble a bit about the cost of the course, mind you I did hear him howling after he left. Probably thought he was the “top dog”

  18. Dave you should see whats coming for course number three……………..a price rise!!!………………nah only less cheese and more tasty cake I think. Having trouble as at the end of the night I am stuffing all this cheese down my gob so I don’t waste it!! I think something sweet is in order. I know what your saying “your sweet enough”, but hey not everyone has a sweet tooth! Also am splurging on a bottle opener so we can drink sooner !!! Don’t worry I don’t promote binge drinking on the course. :-0

  19. Rich, I haven’t had any trouble with this yet but I do suggest you take the shots in consistent light. I have just done some panos with each image being 2 minute exposures. You get to image number 9 and 18 minutes have passed. I may have some trouble as it was on sunrise. Stitching isn’t perfect so you need to develop a workflow that give you the best chance for good results. Most of my panos are shot in less than 15 seconds normally. Will is also right, the exposure will drop off to the sides of the image as the amount of light is always going to be less.

  20. Kirk the 3 rd course you probably know about already, on the 19th of this month. As for the photo of Geographe Bay I think it is over the 2k mark, I am a little unsure as I try and stay out of that side of business as much as possible. I sold one to Merv last week, how much was that Merv?

  21. hey fletch …good to have you back.

    Price is not the issue when it come’s to a fine piece of work, hell I’m an investor, I know quality when I see it.

  22. Merv, you are a legend mate and thanks for that, I will give you a commission on any further sales of that image.

  23. What is the cost of the course and is it a one night course = please forward details

  24. Hi Angela , the course is for one night at my dunsborough gallery. Cost is $250 and I talk about my workflow and tell you everything you need to know to get quality images. I have two spots left for this Saturday night if you are interested. Cheers

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