3rd Course

I will be holding the next course on the 19th of April at my Dunsborough gallery. Let me know asap if you can make it.


~ by christianfletcher on April 3, 2008.

22 Responses to “3rd Course”

  1. Count me in!

  2. Me too, cheers.

  3. Ah well no photography stuff for me for a while. Money is going on other things.

    Just had a friend bought a smith’s beach image from your mandurah gallery.

  4. would like to Christian but saving up for another lens so afraid I cant 😦

  5. Have been doing a photoshop course at bsn tafe with karen morton; she mentioned your last course and I would be interested in joining your next one.. if you could send me some details on time , price etc that would be good as I usually work on a saturday and will have to arrange to get it off

  6. I’m in.

  7. yep me too please

  8. I might be interested. Where can I find out more information on it? What is covered/talked about etc?

  9. Hi Christian, yes I am interested in going to your 3rd course.
    Can you please send me more info on what is involved.

  10. Hi Christian, yes I would like to go to your 3rd course.
    Can you please send me more info on whats involved and cost.

  11. I’m in to! I’ll pour the wine…

  12. Thanks for the interest in the course, so far I have Matthew Inman, Dave Bailey, Tony Warrilow, Matt Reid, David Nicholls and Nickyknocks all coming. I will send you guys more details of the night this week.
    As for the others Luke and Coralle the course is an informal get together where I talk about all aspects of my workflow from capture to fine art printing and all the steps I take to get the images I get and the quality. The last two have gone for over 5 hours each and it is a good way to meet other photographers with a similar passion. I provide some snacks, wine and a workbook with everything you need to know to get better results. The night is at my Dunsborough gallery and starts at 7.30pm. All you need to bring is something to write with. Let me know if you can make it asap as this night seems to be filing up faster than the others, must be a better date to come down. I also haven’t emailed those on my mailing list so I think it will be full by mid week. Cheers.

  13. […] Fletcher is holding another photography course on the 19th of April starting at 7:30pm. Read more here. It is well worth the money if you are into landscape photography, no matter what experience level […]

  14. Am interested in attending one of your courses. Could I get timetable and prices. Many thanks.

  15. email on its way to you John, thanks for the interest.

  16. Christian if not already fully booked, could you please count me in for the coarse on the 19th. Please email me any necessary details.

  17. Hmm, I don’t know how that quote from my blog got into your comments. That’s strange.

  18. If not full I would like to atend please

  19. your in Michael, I will email you more details today cheers

  20. Thanks Christian. I await the details.

  21. Hi Christian, I would love to attend one of your courses with a friend of mine, but cant make the 19th, could you please email me your course schedule and prices over winter. Cheers, Ingrid

  22. Hi Ingrid

    I will add you to the list and let you know of future dates. Thanks for your interest in the course.


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