Back from Esperance

Had some fantastic light in Esperance and shot everyday I was there. Came back through the Stirling Ranges and had more good light. Got up this morning at 4.50am to position myself for anything cool. It was looking so good but just as the light was getting interesting the low cloud moved in and shut the whole place down. I was a bit disappointed especially after it looking so promising. I did a lot of experimenting this week and stacked the nd grads with the nd to do some real long exposures. I basically had the whole place to myself except for stalker morning. I left the campsite early one morning and noticed the headlights of a car follow me out. I drove for about 15 kms and decided to stop in a small turnout in the road to let him go past. What happened, he pulled right in behind me and stopped. So here I am in the dark in my car in the middle of virtually know where and this guy had to park next to me. I sat there thinking what is this guy doing. After a minute I started the car and drove off and on to the beach still in darkness. Good I thought, at least I know where he is. I stopped the car and got out thinking this is going to be good. Next minute here comes my mate driving up behind me again. I thought it was getting too weird so I turned the car towards his and drove at him at speed so pissed off he intimidated me this way. I am sure it was nothing but I was not going to stick around to find out. I was annoyed with myself and the fact I missed an opportunity, may need to get a big stick to warn other photographers or nut jobs off my locations!! Maybe I’m the nut job 🙂

~ by christianfletcher on April 6, 2008.

28 Responses to “Back from Esperance”

  1. Heh, almost sounds like a horror movie. I would have freaked out, too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of your new shots from Esperance and the Ranges, mate.

  2. Yeah I have found my self being the stalker, but I was doing it to a cop car to see how long it would be before they did something. They eventually got rid of me illegally!
    Last night at Mosman Park two drunk blokes came my way making a racket, got out of their car and walked towards me in the darkness where there was no one around, but me and my kit! turns out they were just going to fish. I can get a little concerned when I got valuable stuff on me!

    Can’t wait to see your new pics!

  3. Glad you got some nice light makes up for your last trip where all you got was wind (not the personal type). That experience sounds like something from the start of a horror movie..

    Dylan… stalking Police dude will not work out in your favor and I can only imagine their response. In todays climate with so many crazy’s out there you will be met with quite a harsh reaction.

  4. this is the problem with landscapes, it is usually dark before or after you are doing it. People see you taking photos and are drawn to find out what you are looking at. I had some Bear spray once when I was in Canada, would be good to get some more for the odd occasion when you want to cloud someone else’s view. I do believe it is illegal though. Matt any suggestions on personal protection items that are legal, i.e. a cricket bat?

  5. actually I have it, it is obsolete, totally useless and weighs a ton……….yes you got it the fujigx617. would make a good weapon wouldn’t you say Matt?

  6. Hi Christian,

    Glad to hear you mostly had a good time in Esperancs, these days it doesn’t pay to be too brave as people can do some pretty wierd stuff.

    I always try to be as subtle as possible when putting all the camera gear in the car, not make it too obvious that I have thousands of dollars of gear in the boot. You just never know what opportunistic person might me watching.

    Looking forward to seeing some of the results from your trip. The Stirling Ranges pics should be interesting, that’s one place I’ve been meaning to try and get to.

  7. I’m the biggest chicken around so I was staying in the car, as for my camera gear, it is all insured. I wouldn’t mind updating to the mark 3 !!! The best shot of the Stirlings I think I got was an experiment at f1.2 so the focus is way out. It was black so I couldn’t see to focus anyway. The Stirling Ranges is an awesome spot to shoot, I will definitely be going back some day.

  8. Fletch… that would be my suggestion, just make sure you don’t hit them with the serial number area as it may imprint on their forehead.

    In these situations always get the rego of the car and if there are in ear shot pretend your with someone. Or get your camera out and photograph them and their car is even better. Thats a trick we used to disperse people, start taking their photo and watch them run.

  9. Quite a few times I have taken my dog, Roxy or “The Rox” to her friends ( Sheppard x Kelpie), but that brings out other problems, playing stickball on the beach when you should be shooting.

    Not much you can do about weirdos these days, maybe shoot with someone, take a self defense class or two. I have had a couple of situations that I have not felt comfortable in and it has resulted in packing up walking straight towards them with a big Good Morning not pausing for a response.

    Look forward to seeing your results from the trip, Stirling ranges in the spring sounds like a plan to me 😉

  10. good advice Neal, maybe I should do all my shooting in a karate suit with a black belt. My mate has one I could borrow!! 🙂 Stirlings in Spring would be the time to go, lots of nice wildflowers,

  11. never thought of that before Matt, I could post the photo on the blog and publicly shame them!! Forgot you used to be a cop. Two of my mates are still in uniform, both trying to get out !!!

  12. Never leave home without your flashgun, one full power shot at them as they drive towards you and they won’t have a clue where you’ve gone, or be able to see the road for 5 mins 😆

  13. Fletch as long as you have “Fletcher Dojo” printed on the back of your karate suit. Yea heaps of people are doing about 5 years in the cops and pulling the pin. I did eight and that was enough. Great job as long as you can look past the internal politics that really kill it for most people.

  14. I like that Matt! I might just walk around in boxing shorts and a robe that say “the fox” and underneath that it will say, “state champion kick boxer”.

  15. Aparently Peter Eastway was in Esperance last week and went out early one morning to get some shots but was forced off the beach by some crazed lunatic in a car.

    At least that’s what I was told.

  16. It must be all the lead in water down there :).

    Sorry to hear about your experience in such a beautiful part of WA. Maybe it was an avid fan too scared to talk to you.

    I leave a detailed itinery with my wife and on google calendar so there is at least some record of where I am going.

    Nice comment from Merv.

  17. Perhaps just start talking to yourself quietly, then start arguing with yourself and yelling obscenties at yourself will do the trick. That way people will look at you and think there is no way I’m going near that freak!!! Just a suggestion. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

  18. Nice one Jamie, If you cant beat them, join them.

  19. all great suggestions guys, and you know it would be just like Peter Eastway to stalk me, he wants to know how I get my shots so standard looking. It’s all skill baby!!
    Dylan I don’t want to think about you in boxer shorts ok!

  20. Christian,

    It looks like Neal, Dylan, Beau and I will be heading down south within the next two weekends for a shoot. I’d be more than willing to let you have a go with my 1Ds MkIII if you want to try before you buy.

    Hi Matt,

    Exactly like you said, if you can’t beat them then join them. lol.

    Jamie Paterson

  21. Haha Christian I wrote ‘boxing’ not boxers. haha but I do think that if I was in boxers people would stay away.

  22. Try being a female photographer out there at the obscene hours we need to shoot?!?!?!?

  23. yeah Karen, I am not a female but I have been known to be a little girly at times. I must say though if I saw a girl out shooting I would probably want to wander over and say hello. Not to be creepy or anything but you don’t see many out there doing it, especially in the landscape field.

    Call in to the gallery fellas if your in town, I may be around but the weekends are usually busy for me doing family stuff, happy wife happy life, as they say.

  24. Found a female landscape photographer for you Christian, though they are rare I did find one for you (it was by complete chance), posted it on my blog.

  25. yes I have seen her work, just awesome. She was a Hasseldlab master back in 2006 I think. Thanks Neal

  26. yeap you have to be careful, we went up to a fantastic site overlooking the whole of Johannesburg, and would make a perfect site to shoot a landscape, only there was signs everywhere indicating the dangers of being htere alone, several armed robberys have take place there. and they close the area down before dark just to prevent people going there. It would also be a perfect place to paraglide from in the right wind conditions. but bottom landing would be a big problem.

    I might see if I can get some security and then try go up there for a photoshoot. Or when you come up here Christian, Ill take you there and hide behind you….! ;o)

  27. Mate you need a gun for hire, call………………someone else. I can’t even handle a kangaroo looking at me funny!! Looking forward to some cool African photos soon mate!!!

  28. […] been out shooting heaps and have heard heaps of stories from you guys, the most dramatic one being Christian’s story about stalkers , but I’ve never experienced it myself until Saturday.   I was quite happy shooting on Trigg […]

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