Ilford High Gloss Media

Just got a photo back from Image Finish mounted on Aluminium. I printed it on my Canon ipf8000 using Ilfords High Gloss Media. It came out with an almost identical look to those printed on Flex. It is an awesome product but unsure on the archival life. If any of you can’t sleep and you find some info on this product let me know. I am working tonight to catch up after being away. I hate business sometimes! Must say, the blog is taking up so much of my time now, add that to about 50 emails a day and it is no wonder I don’t produce many photos at the moment.


~ by christianfletcher on April 7, 2008.

16 Responses to “Ilford High Gloss Media”

  1. Yeah, that stuff is really good, not the cheapest but cheaper than a chrono once you’ve wasted the first box. I can put one of those prints next to the Chronoflex prints I’ve had done and there’s not much in it. 30 Years is quoted on the instructions. you can check it out here:

    It’s under Inkjet Media notes!
    As with all porous (‘Instant’ dry) coated media, ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Paper can be susceptible to ‘gas fading’ due to airborne pollutants. Covering the image with glass for example, will ensure that a print from a dye based printer will last for up to 10 years depending on the manufacturer’s ink. Initial accelerated testing indicates that a GALERIE Smooth Paper product will last in excess of 30 years using a pigment ink desktop printer.

  2. you got it tough living what I’m working towards! haha

  3. Mabye you need to hire a personal assistant , Christian lol

  4. Fletch with this media have you found you still get some gloss differential? ie no ink being laid in areas of white.

    Most places recommend getting your inkjets sprayed with a coating to reduce this problem, but you will loose some of the gloss effect and make it a semi gloss.

  5. yes a little bit but once it is covered with the high gloss uv laminate it looks no different to flex. Those coming into my gallery will be able to see it for themselves, as for you Matt you will need a kick ass pair of binoculars to see it from Sydney. I didn’t think the cost was too bad either and if it lasts 30 years normally then under the uv laminate it will be longer.

  6. Mate I would love to see the image in person… I should be over your way sometime this year visiting the family and I’ll pop in and see your palace of a gallery.

    Isn’t the coating called a Mylan coating… I think Ken Duncan’s lab calls it Archival Gold… and for the price of it you would think it was covered in gold… but the effect is outstanding.

    Just got back from shooting an old church in a forest after it rained and got in the car and had leaches all over me. The misses was horrified. Nasty little buggers.

  7. Talking of UV coatings I’m looking at using a coating called “Eco Print Shield” by Premier Art, anyone had any experience with this product or used anything different?

    This one looks good because it’s a water based liquid, easy to apply, environmentally friendly and tested by Wilhelm Research in their image permanence tests.

  8. Dave with all those type things I think they need to be applied via an air gun, especially on ink jet prints. With canvas you can get away will rolling it.

  9. would be good to finally meet you Matt, please leave the leeches in Sydney. Had a similar experience in the hills above Coffs Harbour, almost died due to lack of blood. I’m not sure what the laminate is called but yes Ken’s is very expensive, has to pay for his new gallery somehow.

  10. Matt, the Eco Print Shield can be applied with a HVLP air gun so you get the options to apply it however you wish.

    Unfortunately no one seems to have stock of it in Perth at the moment 😦 Sometimes living in Wa can be frustrating but mostly is just heaven 🙂

  11. thanks for the info and link Matthew. Will see you in a couple of weeks. Will show you the print at the course.

  12. I was at your Mandurah Gallery today. I really like the new stuff that’s on display, those aluminium mounted prints, they look ever so pearlescent, what paper were they printed on? Can I take it that the matt prints are on the Fujiflex?
    The framer down there is a really top bloke by the way, really open and full of advice, he always answers any questions. A real credit to the operation!

  13. Matthew, the paper on the aluminium is the fujiflex. It is an awesome product but needs to be handled very carefully. Fitzgeralds print it.

  14. Why am I not surprised about the “handle with care”, it’s still awesome!

  15. Hi Christian, I have been trying to track down the print-to-aluminium process for some time and have tracked down Ken Duncan’s company but since I have seen the effect on some of your peices (which are awesome by the way!) I thought there might be a place locally in WA that can do it – I noticed you mentioned Fitzgeralds to do the fujiflex printing, but where can one get the aluminium framing done? Thanks!

  16. David , the name of the company is Image Finish. They are in Brown st East Perth.

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