Stirling Ranges

this is a pic taken yesterday morning at the stirling ranges. 9 image stitch taken with the nd grads. It was a little dark so I lightened it and ended up with some crappy looking pixels in the shadows. Looks good at 50% though. The composition isn’t too good either with it looking a little unbalanced. I like the drama but this probably won’t sell. I would like it hanging on my wall at home though! The Stirlings are some of the most dramatic mountains I have seen anywhere, even NZ. 


~ by christianfletcher on April 7, 2008.

29 Responses to “Stirling Ranges”

  1. Nice shot ,
    this would look nice on metalic print ,
    If I didnt know this was Stirling ranges I would have guessed new zealand .

  2. It is a good spot there no doubt about it, quite dramatic at times.

    I know a guy who farms on the south side and the property goes right up to the foot of the hills, the view out of his kitchen window is spectacular to say the least

  3. it always seems to have cloud hanging around it, which is fantastic. I think a four day hike with cameras would be mint. Just need someone to carry all the gear. Everytime I have been there the light has been good.

  4. Impressive… looks like one of those shots you see in a photography book from an overseas country. Once again nice detail in the vegetation on the mountain.

  5. I’m up for a hike, but will carry my own gear thanks 🙂

  6. Great shot Christian,
    A little more dramatic than the Grampians.
    If I ever get over there I could sherpa for you for four days.
    With the Lee filters, are the soft or hard grads the better?

  7. I think this image may not get the wow factor from the average viewer/customer primary because of the size, but image it like 100 inch plus, man I bet it would then get the wow factor in for the average customer.

    Just my 2 bits

  8. Uumm I love the photo but isn’t hiking exercise?

    Jamie Paterson

  9. Yeah I think it’s a nice photo!
    The clouds are awesome, and i also think it would be awesome at 100 inches! But I think almost any good photo will look awesome at 100 inches.

  10. Hi Thomas, I would say the soft grads are better and that is what I use. I still think having both would be great. It is a bit hard to see where the filter is working most of the time with soft grads but they do work.

    Would love to see it big, hell I might just print one. I may try the ilford high gloss media! It would be great to catch this with some snow on top, doesn’t happen very often though.

  11. Where does everyone get their filters. I got my grad filter at that camera electronic shop near PRA, But i went back the other day for another and they had no ND Grads.

  12. There are some good images to be taken in the Stirling Ranges, but from experience there’s a lot of pain in getting them. Be prepared to carry a lot of water if you’re staying out. The Bluff Knoll walk is wheel chair access compared to some of the rest. But come mid-winter it’s a thought!

    Oh, nice photo by the way, just wish I’d have taken it!

  13. After contacting Lee on their website to find a dealer in Oz, I have just mail ordered my Lee ND Grad set from in Victoria. They were really helpful on the phone and seem like a pleasant bunch. I only paid a deposit as they had to order them from the UK. Lets hope they dont run off with the cash … Will hopefully get them in a couple of weeks. Had been looking for filters in Perth for months and gave up … Let me know if your keen for a shoot in perth – there’s been some great clouds recently

  14. Man, I don’t check your blog for a few hours and there are four new posts! That’s what I like to see haha

    I like the photo a lot, Christian. If I didn’t know it was the Stirling Ranges I never would have guessed that this was in WA.

    Dylan, I got my Grad ND’s from
    I ordered around 6pm one evening and they arrived at my doorstep the next morning. Great service.

  15. Hi Rich,
    How what did you end up purchasing and how much were the filters in total. I was going to head down there to get them but wont bother if they have to order them in.

    Cheers Tom

  16. Hi Thomas, I ordered the Lee ND Grad Filter Set (a set of 3 filters), a lens adapter and the foundation kit (basically the filter holder). Not cheap at just over 500 bucks but hopefully I wont want/have to upgrade in years to come! Give them a call and speak to Ed – he was really helpful.

  17. You’ll love the Lees Rich. I have ben using the soft for a couple of years now and looking to get the hard as sometimes the soft can be a little hard to tell where the grad ends more important I have found when shooting beach scenes.

  18. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for that, did you get the 4″x6″ or 4″x4″?
    Cheers Tom

  19. Tom 4*6 is the way to go.

  20. Thanks Neal

  21. I was blogging all night Beau, just about blogged out. The Stirlings are remarkable it is a shame we don’t have more mountains here.

  22. Nice shot. You have been hanging around peter eastway.:)

  23. nah, he has been hanging around me!!! :-]

  24. Hey Christian,
    The stirling piccy has disappeared.
    Or at least not working for me.

  25. I love it !!

  26. APPA!

  27. Tom, this has some issues with noise, but at 10″ wide is perfect!!!

  28. I like the play of light on the rugged folds of the range. The morning mists about the peaks top off a scene of mistique and grandeur. Wonderful image Christian and it makes me want to revisit the Stirlings… 🙂

  29. Thanks Tony

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