Frenchmans Peak

This is a new photo taken on my last trip to Cape Le Grand. Beautiful evening, no wind, no people, just me and the birds, feathered variety!!! 


~ by christianfletcher on April 9, 2008.

35 Responses to “Frenchmans Peak”

  1. Beautifull image Christian, is that a small patch of snow near the top of the mountain?

  2. dave ..thats a “hole” in the top of the rock.

    I like this one fletch, I like it a lot, an investors piece if ever I saw one,,,gotta be a limited edition

    that park is a great area to drift in.

  3. i really like it!
    to me it looks different to the rest of your work!
    I am working today=money for me!

  4. Beautiful image Christian, awesome.
    I love the simplicity, less is more.
    Post a print of that too when you send my prize.

    Cheers Tom

  5. Dave that hole is the size of my gallery, in fact what a location for one, just need an escalator to get up to the top. I walked it the next morning, not too hard but when your rushing to get the light, things hot up.

    Merv when you say drifting, do you mean like stalking or doing donuts in your car???

    Dylan good to see you working for a change, young people should be worked into the ground :-}

    Tom, I will give you this one too mate, since you gave me two cartons of Redback!!

  6. Stunning image Christian, now I need to save up for this image and the one you stand in front of at the course ….

  7. Christian, I just recently discovered your blog and now follow it with great interest. I’m a landscape and cityscape photographer and I’ve been to Australia many times (I’m from Denmark, Scandinavia) and have seen your book in bookstores and like your work. Next time I’m there I hope to see your gallery!

    This shot is awesome, strong composition, beautiful light and colours!

    best regards,


  8. Now that would be an exclusive gallery location, make it access by helicopter only and you’d be set for life (assuming you don’t go broke with the setup costs :lol:)

    Hi Flemming Bo Jenson, I found your blog a few weeks ago when you posted about Peter Lik, you have some nice pics there.
    It’s amazing how small a world it is …

  9. What a great image, one of your best! … its just a shame that the internet doesn’t do it justice – can you send me the file so I can have it printed and have a better look? 🙂

  10. Wow. I love this as well Christian. Spent heaps of time down there and I’ve never seen it like this. Well done again. My wife and I are both scared of heights and have tried to climb up it many times but to no avail.

    Last time we tried it we were lying with our faces on the rock clinging on for dear life when a five year old boy and his grandfather came running past and asked if we were okay. hehe.

    Jamie Paterson

  11. Stunning work Christian , love it .
    Like Dylan said looks different from your normal style
    Will have to try and get down south to some of these locations to photgraph

  12. thanks Flemming, had a look at your site, you have some top images yourself. I would love to photograph in Europe, so much history. thanks for tuning into the blog.

    Rich it is going to be closely guarded this one, I have a purpose for this image but it won’t see the light of day till Feb 2009. Secret squirrel stuff !!!

    thanks for the comments guys, it is good to bounce these images of you all to gage wether they are worthy to go to limited edition.

    Jamie, i had to get over my fear of heights quick smart, my wife was an abseil instructor at Merribrook in Gracetown. Had to be a big tough man to get her.

  13. Good to see it worked Christian. My wife managed to get over her fear of heights and abseiled down Allandale Square two years ago. I volunteered to stay on the ground and take photos.

    I’ve now started my own blog as well.

  14. Fletch now that I have a job you wont be getting 700 hits a day, I think it will drop to something like 10 or 12… haha jokes. I had my best day ever the other day as well at 203, before that it was 155.

  15. Christian, thanks very much. Yeah I love Copenhagen although I miss the Australian climate! But Copenhagen does have 1,000 year old buildings that do well in cityscapes, see my Copenhagen gallery for examples.

    This shot is definitely worthy of limited edition, it’s very special.

  16. Stunning mate… stunning. Bring on Feb 2009 to see this in print.

  17. Dude, there’s getting too many comments on this blog to read, I don’t know how you keep up with it.

    This one is magnificent, the tone is fantastic. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  18. I know the blog is getting out of control James, still thats what I wanted so I have to deal with it. Glad you and Matt like the pic too. Printed a 60″ last night, looked sweeeeet on the high gloss media.

  19. loved your cityscapes Flemming. Dylan your getting their mate, see Jamie has a blog now too, more comments for all of us!!

  20. how many stops is best for ND grad filters, I dont know what mine is, but I’m getting another one for my other lens.

  21. mine is about 10 or 11 stops I think….. seems to work ok. would like something in between though.

  22. What set did you get Christian as the lee grads I have are .3 .6 .9 ?
    Damn I am hungry:(

  23. Christian,

    Perhaps the answer is to only review and check the blog at set times during the day. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

  24. Very nice Christian. Great light. John

  25. Hi Christian.

    I Love the new photographs. Did you get any photographs of Lucky Bay/thistle with the sunrise?

    An escalator would be nice idea as the day I climb it it was 46C.

    I am also loving the new photographs in your gallery with i think with flex on alumin.

  26. Hi Christian.

    I Love the new photographs. Did you get any photographs of Lucky Bay/thistle with the sunrise?

    I am also loving the new photographs in your gallery with i think flex on alumin.

  27. 10 or 11?!?!? that seems like a lot!

  28. sorry didn’t see the grad bit. I use the .9 mostly. Thought you were talking about a straight nd

  29. I do jamie. Start at 9am and finish at 9pm.

  30. I use my .6 mostly for slide film… but with the digital panoramics I am using the .9 mostly and have even been stacking the .9 and .6 giving me 5 stops and I am getting better detail in my shadows now. Still experimenting.

  31. Hadyn, yes I did will post these as they are ready to show.

    I stacked my .9 and .6 for this shot of Frenchmans Peak.

  32. Looks to me like the larger size image has gone missing from wordpress – clicking on the picture above gives me a 404 error. I wanna see the “hole” that’s big enough for a gallery 🙂 Awesome colours, and the composition is spot-on, even the structure of the clouds around the “hill” are assisting make this a stunning shot…. and I love that solo tree on the left above the horizon. That’s a little bit more of a hike from home Christian, when I looked on the map I was shocked to see how far it actually was (from anywhere!!)

  33. sorry Brett, I think I deleted it by mistake. Yes it is a long way from home, took us 9 hours with the kids. Worth it though. Thanks for the comments. Cheers

  34. Christian, with a shot like this whats the best way to get a good even exposure in the sky with the grads since the mountain comes well above the horizon?


    Save our precious wild life and it is so easy.

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