And the lucky person is

Brett Pound. You have a 40″ photograph coming your way, congratulations. Can you let me know your postal address mate and we will get it to you. Email address –

To all the rest, there is always next time. Thanks to all those who entered. 


~ by christianfletcher on April 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “And the lucky person is”

  1. Congrats, Brett.

    Maybe I’ll win next time 😦

  2. W00t ! Sooo happy with that ! Long time observer, first time poster. Last year I went to WA on holiday (I’m from Sydney) and happened along to your gallery in Margaret River. Walked in, was in awe of your shots, so have been a fan ever since. Decided to visit the Dunsborough gallery, bought the Landscapes book there, then called in and saw the Mandurah gallery as well, just so I could say I’d been in them all… I was just blown away by every one of the images. And now I will be able to say wow when I look at such a wonderful image on my wall ! Stoked !! And doubly stoked because it’s the first ever print of it !!! :> Can you tell I’m happy about this ?! Now you’ll have to give me some suggestions on what framing you’d suggest for that print !! I’ll email you my details shortly 🙂 What do you (and everyone else) think it’ll fetch on eBay ? Since I don’t drink beers will it get me anywhere near a nice Sauv Blanc from Margaret River? Gotta remember I live in NSW too, so it’ll have freight involved too hehe….
    Woo Hoooooo

  3. Hey Christian,
    What have you got your 360precision set too with the detents for your 50mm lense for your 3×1 ratio’s?
    As not having the actual thing in front of you with a choice of three is hard to make.
    I am also mindful of the fact that my 40D had a 1.6x crop area.

    Cheers Tom

  4. Congrats Brett, enjoy the image.

  5. Congratulations Brett, glad I haven’t sent the beer yet 😆

  6. Congrats, and an eastern stater, your blog is reaching far and wide.

  7. thanks Brett for getting so excited, I am glad it is going to a worthy person. I would suggest a black or silver frame as they will match the colours perfectly. It is almost a black and white with a little green in it. As for what you would get on E-bay, probably only be enough for a cask wine like Banrock Station!!!!

    Tom my pano head only has the dents for the 24mm lens. It is a bit of a pain having to judge things by eye but I’m used to it now and it doesn’t affect anything really.

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