2 Spots Left

I have two seat going on the next course for the 19th. Let me know asap this week if you can make it. I have help this week pouring the wine!! Should be the best course yet!!!


~ by christianfletcher on April 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “2 Spots Left”

  1. Christian, have counted up the frequent flyer points and don’t have enough to make it from BrisVagus this time (I’m going to have to sell one of the kids, but I haven’t figured out which one yet – although between you and me, I think the red-head is in trouble! They will now have to compete for my love!). In any case, please tell me that you will run couses later in the year because I’ve got sooo much to learn. (If you do I’ll tell my mum to stop stalking you in her car!)

  2. Andy, I won’t buy one of your kids, have two I need to sell myself. I will however tell you about future courses as they come up. So it is your mum who has been following me since Esperance????? You might need to tell her to shave off that beard, doesn’t look good on a lady!! 🙂

  3. Christian, a mate of mine ( yes I have one ) is coming down to the course this weekend on my recommendation ( commission I hear you say ). Can I ask you to be patient with him and take it easy because …

    ………HE SHOOTS WITH NIKON,,,,,,,.

    But that aside he’s not a bad bloke really and he will make up the numbers, just try and keep him away from the wine.

  4. Merv you have two………….ok just the one!! Thanks for the heads up on your mate, I will make him squirm, Nikon users are losers…………….just kidding, my courses are multi denominational, that said though, I like Canon users better………..just kidding again…………I mean, I like Nikon users, I just couldn’t eat a whole one !!!!

    p.s. I’ll be your mate, how much you got???

  5. Christian, my Dad loves that beard!

  6. I hope he doesn’t wear lipstick???

  7. did someone say commission Merv, I thought it was commiseration’s

  8. Hi Christian,
    Is the fact that I am an Olympus user the reason I’ve not received the details of this Saturday’s course via email.
    PS I don’t have a beard and don’t wear lipstick

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