Stirling Range Sunset

Sunset over the Stirlings. Had been raining all day and then cleared to this. It is a classic example of being in the right place at the right time. I’n my mind that is one of the most important things if you are to get a great photo. Forget all the technical stuff, without the magic light your job is that much harder.


~ by christianfletcher on April 14, 2008.

29 Responses to “Stirling Range Sunset”

  1. that is a bloody nice sunset!
    I love the sharpness of the wheat (or whatever it is) in the foreground!
    well done mate

  2. Beautiful Christian, again I love the simplicity.
    I thought it was the east side of the Grampians for a minute.
    I will try and replicate that shot here to show you what I mean.

  3. Another great shot. I like how you have been presenting your photos lately with the black background and titles underneath. I am going to use this as my desktop background πŸ™‚

  4. Another gem of a shot mate. Keep em coming. Single row of shots at 70mm or two / three rows.

  5. Thanks guys, this was a single row of shots with the 50mm. 11 from memory. I would have liked to have been in closer to the range but the damed farmer has put an electric fence up where I wanted to go. Didn’t feel like a zap!

  6. Fletch…these farmers have no consideration for us photographers who want to jump their fences and trespass to get the best shot. It’s un Australian of them.

  7. Christian,
    Lovely photos. What kind of digital camera do you use? Filters?

  8. I know, then they don’t clean up all the cow doo doo, and I get my expensive Gucci shoes all dirty. I think the fences are to keep us out, not the cows in!!!

  9. Gorgeous! Love the composition and the colours and the calm peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful work. And you’re right about being there at the right time, makes all the difference! There’s a certain element of luck but one can certainly increase the odds by actually being out there waiting for possible magic light in the first place!

  10. Bobby I use the Canon 1ds mark 2 with a 50mm lens, Filters are ND Grads and ND. That is about it!

    Yes the more you are out shooting the luckier you get. Every evening is different so every scene should look a little different too. All the guys on this blog have some beautiful shots, taken on beautiful days……….photoshop can’t fix everything, unless your as good as Peter Eastway.

  11. Yet another stunner! Last year’s stubble always provides some nice texture at this time year in the morning and evening light. I’ve been using the Frenchmans Cap image for desktop wallpaper and it looks good in B+W when I shut the machine down as well as I colour.

  12. This is where an assistant comes in handy… go grab that wire on the fence for me please or better still, hold that wire up while I queeze through. I remember reading Ken Duncan send his assistant into the river to hold a boat still in a shot he was taking. The water was up to his neck and he was hidden behind the boat in the shot.

  13. Another Stunning shot ,Love the warm colors and simplicty of it Christian .

  14. I hope Ken’s assistant is making good money for that work!
    When I’m over in Victoria I fin myself climbing over barbed wire fences. I’ll be back in country Victoria in about 2 weeks. It will be good to shoot something other tan beaches for a change.

  15. Hi Fletch. I know pretty well the exact spot you took that shot. It’s on the guys property I mentioned last week.

    He told me he put up the fence to keep out people wearing Julius Marlows, so you would have been safe.

    You could have p**sed on the fence to check if it was live.

  16. Another gorgeous image Christian. The gold colors are very nice and that thin stream of clouds on the hills it a nice touch as well, we do not see that sort of thing her in WA very much, well spotted.

    Not sure about taking a leak on a electric fence, last i checked water was a good conductor.

    Yeah I had heard about the Duncan story about having his assistant jump in the ice cold lake to position the boat, bit like Lik jumping out the helicopter in his rambo gear and whacking a beach umbrella in the sand before taking the pic.

    Maybe one day we can afford to have both assistants and helicopters:)

  17. I just changed my desktop background to this image and the other so it changes every 30 mins. They look awesome!!!

  18. You dont need to pee on an electric fence to see if its live, just listen closely to it and it should make a slight ticking sound that means its live. If its a plain wire running through eyelets along the fence then its probably constantly live, if its a wire/ribbon looking type thing then have a look around for an orange/yellow or red box have a look at the box and if it got a green light then shes probably live too!!! Mind you alot of farmers have electric fences put up but not working just the look of the eyelets along the fence is often enough to deter people and cattle!!!! There you go a lesson on electric fences that I am sure you all wanted!!! LOL A the joys of growing up on a dairy farm!!! hahahahaha

  19. Thats yet another awesome shot. Wish I had somewhere that photogenic nearby – or the time to get somewhere photogenic!

  20. Great explanation Donelle. Or of course you could always use the old green grass trick.

    Take a long enough piece of grass in one hand touch the ground with the other and slide the grass along the wire, as the hand gets closer the sensation increases and you know its live.

    That should help all you guys next time you are confronted with the dreaded electric fence trick.

    We are just a couple of hayseeds from way back ah Donelle

    After all that I’d still like to see Christian p**s on it.

  21. Actually just noticed…either my monitor is a bit upside down (I am on the Northern Hemisphere after all πŸ™‚ or the horizon in this shot is a few degrees tilted and could do with a bit of rotation.

  22. I think your right Flemming, good pic up. My glasses make everything a little weird!!

    Donelle and Merv, what can I do about weeds coming up in my garden, any commercial strength crop stuff you can recommend??? And Merv don’t say p*ssing on the weeds will kill them ok!!!

    Brett this photogenic spot was still 4 hours in the car from Dunsborough, add two screaming kids to the mix and I deserve a medal!

    Neal and Matt, thats old Kenny Boy, he demands respect and unfailing loyalty from his staff. When he took photos on the set of the passion he actually asked if they could whip his assistant so he could get some more blood, because as we all know that movie just wasn’t bloody enough!! Some say the assistant died but I’m not one to spread rumours.

  23. We actually use petrol to kill weeds in my lawn, just put a bit in a bucket get an old paint brush and paint the centre of the weed, works in your garden too. There are a few other farm type weed killers you can use but they are too expensive and alot of them only come in 20L drums and Im sure you dont want that much!!!! Or is your garden really that bad????

    Im with you Merv it always is funny seeing a city boy p**s on a live wire just so damn funny!!!!!!!!! Merv my old man still has a dairy farm in Busso now so I still feel kinda conected to the land, still love my cows!!!

  24. thanks for the tip on the weeds. Should I set up a farming section on the blog for you guys?

  25. Donelle. no doubt about those dairy farmers , they must be the only one’s able to afford to pour petrol on the weeds.
    I was on the farm till a couple of years ago. You know what they say
    “you can take the boy outa the country but you can’t take the country outa the boy”

    Now about that garden Fletch. You need to go in with 850ml-1000ml of roundup,depending on the weed size,follow that up with 2lts of triflurin and 15grms of logran and you could put some atrizine in for good measure depending on what you sow. Hit it with 140kg of agras or whatever ,depending on your soil test results,and pour some liquid N down the the shoot when you sow and then stand back.

    The next noise you hear will be the plants growing.

    If it rains you’re in for a bumper harvest,if it doesn’t then you’ve done your money cold and you have to wait till next year to have another go.

    If all else fails, take up photography, cause thats where the real money is!!!!

    Here endeth the lesson.

  26. Hey Merv, its my hubby that taught me the petrol on the weeds trick, he is from Manji so what do you expect!!!! You cant take the country outta the girl either! I love going back home and feeding the calves and just being in all that space! I always swore I wouldnt marry a farmer and I didnt but sometimes I wish I did, I miss the farm and the outdoors but not the dairyfarming lifestyle!! The no holiday for 11 years really got a bit much!!!

  27. thanks for the tips Merv, I can’t even say those names so I will stick to photography, don’t know if there is any money in it though???? πŸ™‚

  28. Hey Christian, my in-laws have a farm west of the Stirlings, with views of both the Stirlings and the Porongerups from the same spot. They have said that next time you’re out that way if you’d like to have a wander about the property you are more than welcome – as long as you know how to close a gate πŸ˜€

    They actually recommend August(ish) as they are running Canola this year and it should be in full bloom.

    Drop me a line if you would like and I’ll hook you up with some more details.


  29. Thanks Bekka, that would be awesome, I think the canola would make for some beautiful shots. I’l put your email in my diary and let you know when I head down next.

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