More Frenchmans Peak

This is a 4 image stitch looking from Frenchmans Peak to the East. I only saw two other cars in two and a half hours, no stalkers. Two ND Grads stacked, one ND also to slow things up a little. Made for a dramatic image.


~ by christianfletcher on April 15, 2008.

19 Responses to “More Frenchmans Peak”

  1. Christian I won’t write the words I am thinking, but I will tone it down and say that this is nothing short of amazing!!!
    talk about someone who is progressing still! your work continues to improve mate! still inspirational!!
    what are the odds of this image having the nice black border like the other two for a nice desktop image?


  2. Very, very nice.
    The way you have captured the sun’s ray’s is awesome.
    And I love the beautifully lit rock overhang and floor.

  3. Very different Christian. Why is there such a color difference between the small and then full size image, I noticed it on the last couple of images you have loaded up?

  4. There is no doubt about it, you the man. Well said dylanfox, well said.

  5. Ummm I like Dylan actually uttered a number of words that can’t be repeated on here. Suffice to say this really struck a chord with me, its bloody brillant!!!! Christian you said that you had started to really push yourself again and had decided to take things up a level, well I think the past few photos are testament that you have indeed taken it up another notch.

    Well Done!

    Jamie Paterson

  6. On another note it you remember my previous story about Frenchman’s Peak its probably the closest I’ll come to seeing the top of Frenchman’s Peak. 😉

  7. Dylan anything for you buddy, will organise it tomorrow when I get back to work. Was in a bit of a rush loading this up before going home. Glad you like it, I thought it was going to work out when I was taking it. The nd really added to the warm tones and I used the shade white balance.

    Neal, I have noticed that too. WordPress has made changes and it hasn’t been for the better I think. Sometimes I can’t upload posts and have to log out and then back in to publish it. It must be something to do with the way the files are compressed to make the thumbnail.

    thanks to the other guys for great feedback, I loved my trip to Esperance and was lucky to get some great light. It is all about the light, it was good tonight I hope someone got out into it, I was feeding kids!!

    Jamie the view is great up there, I’m sure you could do it, you just need some relaxants like beer, the landings are much softer then.

  8. Just a query Christian do you take your kids with you on your photo shoots??? Mine are still bit a young they run off and then they can be quite tricky to find in the bush!!! Unless I take SuperHubby with me it can all be a little bit too stressful for my little brain!!!

  9. Stunning work Christian , love the sunrays shinning down .
    Yeah looks like there will be some great light and weather about but I dont think I will be able to get any of it for photos as working every night

  10. Light goes a long way, but you still have to capture it. can’t wait for the course this weekend.

    Graet cloud up here in Perth tonight and no breeze ( where i am anyway ), snapping away in back yard, 15-30 sec ezposures good cloud movement in front of moon with a silhoutte of my palm tree.

    100 shots so far might get one good one.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous against the light shot, the tones you achieve are very appealing!

    What’s going on with the horizon in Australia at the moment though? 😀 A bit tilted again, sorry it’s just something I always notice.:D

  12. Mate I recon it is also worth noting that you walked up the bloody mountain to see what sort of shot you could get.

  13. Also if that is a 4 image stitch, thats a great indication of the size of the cavern / cave you are in. Like you said before your gallery could fit into it.

  14. Flemming, that could actually be the curvature of the earth, I’ve noticed it in wide angle shots that I’ve taken where the landscape is pretty flat and at certain angles. Surveyors used to have to calculate for it on long property bounderies in WA before GPS.

  15. Matthew, I think Flemming is right again, it is crooked!!! I will just blame it on the equipment!! Thanks again for the pick up Flemming.

    Matt, the climb isn’t that hard, but I was racing to beat the sunrise. This is the small overhang, the big cavern makes this look like a speck!!

    Donelle can’t get the kids to come with me, think it is boring!! No prodigy’s here I am afraid!!

    Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments.

  16. gorgeous christian, it makes me feel like I am there, alone, must have been amazing up there by yourself, ahhh the serenity, could be an advert for global warming, perhaps where we should be heading before the floods, huh, or something like that, Id better get back to work…

  17. Lovely painting with light, it injects mood into the photo.

  18. Awesome … kinda reminds me of some of those “prehistory – dawn of time” shots. Kinda expect some ancestor to shamble out and wave a club around or something. I love the clarity and tones.

    Another one to add to the office wall I think.

  19. good to hear from you scotty. Yeah it does need a caveman in the shot. I’ll see if I can find something hairy next time. Nothing prehistoric about my prices though!!!

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