Photoshop tutorial from Cool Chick!!

Killer Photoshop Turorial Hi all my good friend Lisa was good enough to tell me about a new tutorial she has put on her website. It is a cracker, go check it out. 


~ by christianfletcher on April 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Photoshop tutorial from Cool Chick!!”

  1. Hey cool chick here, this tutorial is great for mens pics, not so good for the gals, my next tute will be “how to look ten years younger”
    thanks Christian…

  2. sweet we have a few guys who blog on this site that could do with a little age reduction!!! I’m one of them. Tutorial worked perfect Lisa! Going to try it out myself. Might try it on a landscape to see what happens.

  3. Yeah turning 40 I need a little work like Christian 🙂 Have not had a chance to try this out but will. His jacket looks cool, but the right side of his face looks like it developed a goiter growing out his face after the treatment. Not sure he’s gonna be pleased with that result ….

  4. He’s not real pleased he would rather look 18 again like all of us, but he is willing to sacrifice his ego for “art” and the goiter suits the “true grit” image…

  5. I would only like to be 18 again if I could have my life I have now at 42 !!.

  6. I agree Chris life is good these days, just keeps getting better, wouldnt want to be back there again…wisdom (working on it) acceptance and contentment are much more satisfying than youthfulness.

  7. Nice one, a bit Dave Hillish.

  8. I applied the technique from Lisa’s tutorial to an image of me, added an easy 10-15 years. Great technique for making ID’s for underage kids.

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