The Perfect Storm

This is a pic I took today of the Leeuwin Sailing Ship that was just off the coast at Meelup. There was lightning going off in the distance and I was thinking to myself…..nah I wouldn’t be sailing off into that. A single image capture, ok it was hard just to take one shot. Lee ND Grads and fuji the wonderdog to keep me company. Hope someone else is taking photos.


~ by christianfletcher on April 16, 2008.

33 Responses to “The Perfect Storm”

  1. I would love to be out taking photos today but as I gave my staff holidays this week I am stuck in the shop.

  2. Stunning colors and clarity Christian. Yes was out this morning but we have a nasty haze hanging over perth at present thanks to a calm burn off. It kinds looks like either Beijing / Mexico City or Downtown LA today here in Perth 😦

  3. Nope. Working in the office. 😦

  4. Beautifull image Christian the boat looks crystal clear and the vignette makes it look like you’re looking though an old telescope. Great effect overall 🙂

  5. Two words… GOD DAMN! (that sums it up)
    I got out last night (image on blog) and this morning, and am going back out tonight, and most probably tomorrow morning. I want to make the most of the weather, but I also want a new location to shoot.

    Keep it up mate!

  6. I was at Bunker Bay very early this morning looking for some moodiness in the clouds and hoping that the sun would peek through and I didn’t see the Leeuwin. From your photo it was sailing left to right so either i missed it or I was too early!
    Damn it! Do they publish a timetable?

  7. Michael it was off Meelup all morning. May still be there now or tomorrow, still a chance to get it. It wasn’t going anywhere it was at anchor.

  8. A bit of haze down here too. The water was just so nice today, real blue and glassy. It was humid and even managed a sweat waking over the rocks. Hope you got some shots Neal. Thanks for the other comments. My old telescope Dave wouldn’t look like that, more like a browny fuzzy shape……never got cleaned!!

  9. Is it me or does the humidity actually have an affect on the water color, I noticed the same thing in Denmark earlier this year, but not being from down there I was not sure.

  10. Stunning shot mate ,glad some one is out getting shots today
    Im stuck at work as well , plus Perth is covered in smoke , couldnt even see the city from south Perth .
    On the plus just got a Cannon 50mm F/1.4 Thanks Neal lol 🙂

  11. Please tell me that you were taking photographs this arvo/night!!!!

  12. saw some nice light just as I was trying to get the kids to eat. Then it poured down so I drank more wine.

  13. I was out taking some images this evening. Will have a look at them in the morning and post a couple. Light was nice the clouds a little too think and heavy but we’ll see I guess.

  14. I think in the right light, i.e. calm conditions with diffused cloud the water looses all its reflections, or at least some of them. This is probably more likely to happen when it is humid, that is my theory!! most likely wrong but sounds good.

  15. i have been wanting to get some nice boat shots, i might try freo.

  16. [IMG][/IMG]

    This arvo

  17. Sorry

    I was watching the radar and I thought it might of been nice down there.

  18. Amazing early evening light over Geo Bay this arvo… similar light to your ‘Yacht’s, Geo Bay’ photo. Did you manage to get out? And for those interested, I believe the ‘Leeuwin Sailing Ship’ will be there for another few days:-) And YES last night over Yall’s was amazing:-)

  19. Fletch. Great shot, lightning would have topped it off and it would have been up there with your better one’s ( gee am I a hard critic or what).

    May I also say that it’s great to see a one shot, as I’m nearly all pano’ed out.

  20. Lovely cloud- and seascape and the boat really “dots the i” making it a great composition. And the horizon is perfectly straight hehe 🙂

  21. Beautiful image…and what is so wrong with just one photo?? I really have to get to one of your courses to learn what all this mutiple image thing is all about.. and as for getting out myself ..hmmm..yes well a three year old and a 15mth old that kept mummy up all the night before is my excuse was lucky to put one foot in front of the other today..ohh for the time to take photos

  22. Coralle, there isn’t really anything wrong with one image, it just means your limited to the size it can be enlarged to. Stitching is the term used to combine more than one photo to another. As for the kid thing, I know exactly what you are going through!!!

    Flemming, I made sure the horizon was corrected before posting this, too scared not to!!!

    Merv your right about the pano thing, it is nice to get a different format every now and then. stitching 4 images together with the 50mm gives you a nice 20″x30″ file @ 250dpi. That is enough resolution to go to 40″x60″ printed easily!!

  23. Karen did you get any shots?

  24. Yes, I managed to get shots at Yalls on Tues evening; shots at Geo. Bay yesterday evening; and Meelup this morning! The advantages of having a 17yr old daughter, who doesn’t mind babysitting 🙂
    Normally I would think that my shots were nice, but then I look at your shots that have been taken at the same location, and it all gets a bit depressing!

  25. Karen, don’t worry I have been through the same. I saw the work of Michael Fatali when I was in the US and I wanted to kill myself. I thought I was ok until then. Thats when I realised I was crap and better pull my finger out. It has taken me a further 8 years from that moment to get the quality I saw in his work. It is all about time, money and knowledge. Send me some examples and I will see if we can’t get them looking better.

  26. Michael Fatali…wauv! Didn’t know about him before, thanks for totally ruining my day by mentioning him Christian 😀 Had a look at his site and wauv just wauv, incredible masterful shots.

    Anyway I used to look at super shots and get slightly depressed thinking I’m so crap and will never shoot anything nice – but now I get inspired. I’ve reached a point where I feel that I have a way to go but I know and believe I have the skills to be able to reach that level of quality. It’ll take a long time and lots of work but it’ll be great fun and I know I can make it so I don’t get depressed anymore, I get inspired by what others have achieved and believe I can achieve at some point!

  27. Work your magic Christian! I’ve emailed three fairly average shots through:-)

  28. I checked out Michael Fatali… not a bad looking guy:-) Oh, and his work isn’t bad either!

  29. Don’t worry guys, Michael Fatali does alter his images, and it is worse than photoshop. Read this.
    Interesting insight to how people take things too far!

  30. WHAT! Crazy story, the guy lit fires in national parks. I can’t believe a nature photographer would do that. His website says “Portrait photographer of God’s creations” .. in all fairness he should add “…and out of control fires created by yours truly”.

  31. yeah, I was shocked when I read that. Comes under the heading “only in America”. His work is stunning in the flesh. Huge Ilfochromes, super saturated. Peter Lik style. The other story I heard is he would copy the work of other photographers. Tom Till was one of them

  32. Well I no longer link to Fatali on my blog (teach him a lesson hah! hehe) I don’t link to arsonists!
    Tom Till has shot every location there is, it would be hard not to copy him 😀

  33. Beautiful image, With fantastic colours.

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