Lucky Bay, Esperance

This is how nice it can be in Esperance if you have never been. Cape Le Grand national park is spectacular. Neal if your worried about the drive it is worth it. This isn’t my best shot but it was a magic day and I thought I would share it with you. 9 image stitch, and the water was a mess.


~ by christianfletcher on April 17, 2008.

24 Responses to “Lucky Bay, Esperance”

  1. Ah I am sitting at work wishing I was there. Nice frame treatment as well.

    Nice comment about stalker cove. πŸ™‚


  3. Ah to be there now.
    “This isn’t my best shot” Christian I think you maybe suffering some post traumatic related stress. In my eyes very nice.

  4. Ah lovely scene, beats a rainy gray morning here in Copenhagen hands down! The beaches are so nice down there, saw a lot of them when I went to see the Great Australian Bight (see my blog).

    (and horizon is straight as an arrow says my internal level hehe)

  5. Your making me want to go back to Esperance again for another visit Christian. My current camera gear is significantly better than when I was last there.

  6. Good stuff mate!
    I finally found a shop stocking cokin grad filters, which took about a week to hunt down. All i needed was an adapter ring so with the extra loose cash i got a ND8, can’t wait to try some shots now!

  7. Hehe Christian,

    I think I might have a better shot than that of Lucky Bay. We turned up and there were 3 girls staying there in a campervan. They chucked on their bikinis and went for a swim. Then came out and asked me to take photos of them splashing around in the water, what was a helpful person like myself to do? Say no?

    Jamie Paterson

  8. Dylan,

    Which shop?


    Jamie Paterson

  9. Wheres the bikini beach pics Jamie? You left us all hanging here!

  10. On laptop at home. 😦

  11. Great Shot Christian the clouds are amazing and that sand is really white πŸ™‚
    The photos arnt much good on your laptop at home Jamie lol πŸ™‚
    Camera House in Cannington , when i was there this morning had 58mm adapture rings and Cokin P ND 2, ND 4 and ND 8 filters plus some ND Grads

  12. I usually find most filters etc are better sourced on ebay.

    Search for what you want use paypal to pay for it and it’s at you door quicker than you realise. You don’t have to buy overseas there are good suppliers in Australia.

  13. Christian,

    Did you have a go at capturing Twilight Cove and Hellfire Bay as well?

    Jamie Paterson

  14. Camera House in Freo had a good supply! I think I might get back there tomorrow for another Grad filter.

  15. Very nice… the water came up great. With the stitching with fast moving water it is lucky people cant see the mess you start with and only the final product. Great cloud formation adds to the shot so well.

  16. I laughed when I saw the AKA Stalker Cove sub-title πŸ™‚

    Awesome pic, the sand looks awesome from the pic above, great texture with those ripples, imagine it’d only look better larger and in the flesh.

    Matt, that interests me in how much “flotsam” you end up with because of the stacked images, and then how successfully you can remove that (Maybe I’ll need to wait for my next WA trip to see Christian work his magic in one of his workshops to understand how you go about that.) If someone is interested, could you post 100% crops of areas of a composite picture with before and after you’ve done your “wave magic”? I can see a trip to the beach on the weekend, if the weather cooperates, to take some sample images to test this out on

  17. Brett,

    I find that what you use on one image dosen’t work on another and it is trial and error most of the time. Next time I shoot my water scenes (except for the day) I will use my 3 stop ND filter to slow it down even further so I get more wave movement so the stitching and cleaning is even easier.

  18. Yeah Matt I used my ND8 last night and it makes stitching a lot easier. Unfortunately I blew the sky so it’s time to get another grad and start stacking!

  19. jamie, it may have been a “lucky bay” for you but I only had stalker man!!

  20. Yes Jamie, I did photograph those locations but still working them. Not as good though I think.

  21. yeah Matt, the water was pretty hard to fix and it still isn’t perfect but the client won’t know.

  22. Brett

    I will send something through of the next shot I stitch will bad,bad water!

  23. What a brilliant shot! I am from Esperance. And all the beaches there are perfect, but Lucky Bay is my favorite of all. Recently judged the Whitest Beach in Australia. The sand is so clean it squeaks beneath your feet. The kangaroos lie on the wet sand to cool off in summer. I cannot wait to go back!!

  24. Thanks Crispy Noodle!! I’m going back there this year too.

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