Synergy go stick your Power

Just got our power bill for this month, $15………we couldn’t believe we would use that much, so p*ssed off,……….then we noticed that this was a credit. We actually made $15. Now that 85mm is only about $3485. At this rate I’ll have that new lens in 19.36 years, but it will be free!!! Synergy stop polluting the atmosphere we don’t need ya stinking power!!


~ by christianfletcher on April 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “Synergy go stick your Power”

  1. And its only going to get better Christian with the proposed energy prices increases slated for this state in the coming 2 years. I look forward to the day my home renovations are done and we can sell and move into a solar powered home.

  2. yeah Jen and I thought good, if the prices go up that is the only way people will change their ways. Our electricity is cheap compared to other countries. Imagine the effect we can have on the planet if everyone had a few basic solar panels. It would be huge. Apparently there are only 250 homes in WA that have solar systems, that is disgusting especially when you consider the wealth in this state. It should be standard in all new homes. I don’t know why is hasn’t been enforced already. When the basic kit is only $6000 now, that is nothing on the cost of a new home. I think the banks should get behind it too and offer interest free loans to people wanting to put solar systems in. There, that is my 10cents worth.

  3. I agree with you 100% banks and the government should be doing a lot more. We looked at it sometime ago and it was going to cost in the range of $40k to do this home and with us not staying here much longer we knew we would not get our investment back. I have heard there is a bill to be debated soon on the sale of homes will need to be green rated before they go on the market.

    We may have to revisit our plan on rainwater and more solar then. One thing that disturbs me is the cost of going greener, seems to me there are businesses jacking up prices in light of the current green movement. Currently all we have is low voltage lights and solar hot water and natural gas were possible. We wanted to put in a rain tank last winter but again cost verses benefits to us was minimal at best.

    Our west australia government is SO rich through resources / land / duty taxes I am sure that $8k rebate could be increased by at least 100% and not spent on the current winter escape for our local government.

    We seemed to have brought this current federal government to power partly on the back of its green promises, yet al we have seen is Peter Garret what to charge for plastic bags and NOT enforce the shops to provide a alternative like recycled brown paper bags.

    I could talk about my thoughts on this for hours, but I think my main mac computer may be finishing up a 7 image stitch from last night, so back to my dungeon to see the results …. fingers crossed 🙂

  4. Yeah I dont know why they dont make it a standard these days on new homes to have solar panels out in .They allready have builders and electrions there building the house the only estra cost would be for the matrials which would be next to nothing if they allready paying for the house .

  5. I’ve often thought that a roof should be completly made of solar cells as the roofing material. I’m sure that in time as the take up rate increases and the technology improves we will see it happen.

  6. Hey Fletch , just read your post again….BANKS GIVE INTEREST FREE LOANS….. that’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard for age’s, I just can’t stop laughing.

  7. glad I made someone laugh!!! I like your roof idea too Merv.

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