Flametree Wines

For those of you who are coming to my next course you will have the pleasure of trying the latest releases from Flametree wines. They have kindly sponsored the night and I’m sure you will be wanting to take a few bottles of this home with you to impress your friends. If you are into wine check them out at Flametree Wines I have put their link in the sidebar of the blog. That way you will never run out of wine again. Those leaving Dunsborough after my course can pull in and stock up as it is on the corner of Caves RD and Chain Ave, the only way if your heading back to Perth.


~ by christianfletcher on April 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Flametree Wines”

  1. I like the idea of teaching a course like this, just wondering: how much wine would I need to serve per person before they start to think my photos look great and what I say makes sense? Half a bottle per person? 😀

  2. Thinks its about time we opened a bottle to breath a little myself seeing as though its friday ….

    Enjoy the course Saturday folks.

  3. Hey Christian ,
    Any rough idea when your next course is , as I will be able to roster my self off for that weekend

  4. no idea at this stage Kirk. Probably latter in May, but there is a bit on for me that month. Might work better if it is early May. Need to check the diary and will let you know.

  5. Kirk, next course will be on the 10th of May

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