This is what the end of the world would look like

This is what the sky looked like this weekend, I walked outside and thought, we finally did it! Luckily I’m still here and the sky today is blue……….mostly. Hey and only one shot!! what is going on!!!
Hope Jamie and Neal saw this too.


~ by christianfletcher on April 28, 2008.

36 Responses to “This is what the end of the world would look like”

  1. Very dramatic! I like the colours and contrast in this shot. Would like to see what the original looked like before you processed it…

  2. mate come on…………you know I don’t use photoshop.

  3. Ummm that must’ve been when Neal and I were having coffee at Artezen and looking the other way.

  4. Ohh, what was I thinking when I said that?… Obviously I wasn’t.


  5. Yeah any pro uses film and definitely never uses photoshop!! Thats what I learned at the course! haha
    I quite often get asked how much processing an image has had…

    Christian I love the fact that your venturing into new image styles, like this shot!
    We had some good clouds last night and I got a shot up on the blog, but these clouds look much more dramatic!
    Well Done!


  6. Great shot love the dramatic sky with the little bit of tree in the bottom . Great composition .
    has it had a bit of HDR ?

  7. That’s not a landscape, it’s a cloudscape, and it’s a cracker of an image too! We had some good cloud here in the Metrop yesterday but I didn’t think of a cloudscape, there you go, a new category for your gallery site.

  8. thanks guys, ah thats what your doing wrong Dylan, you shouldn’t listen to me 🙂

    No HDR Kirk, just some fancy photoshop work……………..i mean, good light!!!

  9. Awesome cloudscape Christian, really dramatic. And I see you’ve found a great solution to the ever crooked horizons in Australia – simply lie on your back, point the camera at the sky and forget about the horizon heheh 😀

  10. Very very nice Christian, great eye. Yeap I did see those clouds but I was either running up and down Caves Rd like a lost Roo trying to find the spot near Johnson St or in Gracetown at the time.

  11. Looks like a scene from a Batman movie….thats all I’ll say!!!

  12. Hey Fletch whats all this “possible related posts” rubbish that has appeared of late.

  13. Merv wheres your blog 🙂 ?

  14. Neil I don’t have a blog…don’t want one at this stage,if i did have one there would be too many negetive comments!!!!

    I was referring to the related post’s that have recently appeared on wordpress blogs , some of them have nothing to do with the sites at all,I guess they are generated elsewhere but they are a bit annoying.

  15. Merv I don’t know where they came from, it must be something WordPress is doing now. I wonder if we can get rid of it?

  16. yep no chance of a crooked horizon now, too scared to include it whilst your looking!!!

  17. I don’t have them on mine but have seen them on Jamie’s and a few others. They do seem to be getting more targeted over the last 24 hrs though. It would be just a way to chase more traffic for word press since they really don’t have a tag search feature as yet. I guess when they get all that in place and its humming, it will be sit back and wait for either google or micro soft to come knocking with a nice fat check. C’mon google make me a offer god damn it!

  18. Re. the ‘related post’ rubbish – it’s a new feature added by WordPress, read this from the dashboard:

    Some may like this stupid feature, but I don’t want them to add stuff to my blog that I didn’t write (I add enough rubbish myself thank you very much) and unfortunately this feature is enabled by default – bad decision to default enable it!

    To disable, go to dashboard, click design, click extras and disable and save.

  19. Awesome one picture shot Christian with a well placed tree. John

  20. thanks for the tip Flemming.

    Got to love the trees John!!

  21. christian, do you do this for a living or do you have another job? just noted that you wrote about “the girls at work”. thinking of quitting my job but not sure if the art will be good enough to feed me…


  22. jimbo this has been my living now for 17 years, the girls are in my galleries. as for quiting your job, do whatever makes you happy, i did and it worked for me. Lots of hard work though!!!

  23. great to see you doing one shot wonders… look forward to learning how you photoshoped it next weekend at your 4th course. Very moody image great colour range.

  24. I love the mood of this shot. If the tree was not placed in the frame I would have possibly mistaken it for an underwater shot of a wave/white-wash. It has that look about it.
    Great image.

  25. Wonderfull image! It’s like a painting, I think that’s how it looks like when we die and go to paradise!

  26. It does look a bit like a wave from underwater Luke.

    I hope so Anne, I don’t want any boring blue skys in paradise!!! I want the perfect sunset every day!! :-}

  27. I am in Victoria and had some awesome cloud tonight but when I uploaded my shots I realised my ISO was at 400! Hopefully the images will still be good enough to use. I think since there farmland shots I will get away with it!

  28. I also got a new shot in the blog from a couple days ago which was a tricky spot to shoot but worked out well!

  29. out with the noise ninja Dylan!! that will solve any problems.

  30. I was playing with that (Noise Ninja) last night on a 30 min exposure, Can you offer any tips?

  31. The best way I find to use Noise Ninja is to flatten your image copy the flattened layer and apply Noise Ninja to the copy. If possible get the NN profiles for your camera and use the appropriate ISO profile (I think this should be auto selected absed on EXIF metadata).

    After applying NN based on the camera/iso profile I zoom in a bit to examine the loss of detail that NN produces and set the opacity of the NN layer to a good compromise between noise reduction and sharpness. Bear in mind that you will be sharpening the image afterwards too.

    There is a bit of trial and error involved but with a bit of practice you will get the hang of it.

    I tend not to play around with the NN settings too much but the noise brush could be fairly useful, although you could just use a mask on the NN layer if you use the above approach and then be able to change it any time.

    Of course since I got my 5D NN is hardly ever used 😀

  32. Thanks Dave, that’s the problem I was having, the pixelation of my star trails, removing the ‘noise’ just trashed them. I’ll play with the layer opacity tonight and put your tips to use!

  33. Yes I duplicate the photo apply the noise ninja and then rub back the detail after adding a layer mask. The sky is where you get the best benefit with NN as this is where you notice it the most. I don’t mess with the setting either unless I really want to soften the skys, it works pretty well if you just use the profiles for your camera as Dave said. If anyone really learns how to use it well let us all know. Cheers

  34. Thanks guys, it’s looking better already! I’ve cleaned up the star trails and have lost some detail. As it’s different to what I normally shoot it’ll be a work in progress!! I’ll post it on flickr when I’m done I’d appreciate some comments:)

  35. Christian – you need to enter this in APPA!

  36. Tom, I have thought about entering the appas this year, just need to get some time to look at the entry process. Also not a member of the aipp yet but am working on that too. Are you going to PMA this year?

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