Frenchmans Peak Pano

This is a pano of the previous Frenchmans Peak shot taken from the top after a death defying climb at 6am in the morning. I love the light in this pic. It is fantastic when you can shoot towards the sun and have something to block it so you don’t get all the flare and issues with exposure. Scott said of the previous image, you could imagine a caveman sitting in this hollow lighting a fire, clubbing his mates to death!


~ by christianfletcher on May 5, 2008.

29 Responses to “Frenchmans Peak Pano”

  1. Great view and even better use of the cave for lighting. Well taken Christian. John

  2. This one is a lot more appealing than the previous one, the vast expanse feeling you get from this image is nice.

  3. Awesome, I prefer this one as well.
    I love the open plains and vegetation in the forground.
    Good work.

  4. Mate another great shot. Well worth the climb at 6am. The light and colour is fantastic.

  5. Super nice, I am a big fan of against the light shots! The trick is hiding the sun somewhere so you get the amazing light without the problems. Great photo and it must have been very special shooting it. It’s timeless and Australian landscapes like this one always makes me a bit sad that 60 thousand years of aboriginal history and culture are dying out.

  6. thanks guys, had to work this a bit to get it looking right but in the end it was ok. I think it would be worthwhile taking some sort of shade out with you that you could use to block the sun in any situation.

  7. There’s a product called ‘Flarebuster’ that works pretty well. It attaches to the flash hotshoe, I’ve also used it to hold an ND filter in place. πŸ™‚

  8. One more task for my assistant – when I can afford one that is – “would you please stand there and block the sun!” πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Christian,

    I love the pic. Well done! It only makes me more determined to get up to the top of Frenchman’s Peak.

    Jamie Paterson

  10. Great shot, up there with the best of them, look pretty good on the gallery wall this one.

    Nothing Batman looking about this just a great shot..can’t speak highly enough of it.

    I know this spot where it was taken and when someone goes to that much trouble to drag gear to the top they deserve a great shot.

    Well done Fletch

  11. thanks for the tip matthew, would be worth getting one.

    I don’t normally have problems with the sun in my face as it normally shines out of my ……..

    Thanks Merv, I was pretty knackered when I got to the top, next time I’ll take a sherpa!!!

  12. Stunning work Christian well worth the hike to the top .
    Love the rays coming down . Yeah could picture a couple of cave men up there has a really peristoric feel to it .

  13. No worries, I owe you a few tips and we can’t all fly in by helicopter and put up a beach umbrella! πŸ˜‰

  14. I went out shooting this morning and it was the most amazing sunrise i have ever seen!
    I have looked through my shots and they basically have freckles cause my sensor is filthy!!! Should be easily cleaned up, but I think I will have to head into melb and get a cleaning kit!

  15. Yeah need lots of money to fly around in a helicopter and have a camera crew recording your every move. I can afford an umbrella though!!!

  16. Hope people got out and took pics of tonights sunrise!!! It was pretty awesome.

  17. the sunset was unbelievable … no excuses but i was in the pub … gutted! I did walk out and see it after a few phone calls to tell me how good it was and it looked the best for a long time! the beer was good though! …. …. …. …. … should have been out shooting! 😦

  18. Your right it was absolutely unbelievable. First night I’ve been out taking pics in a while so I’m either lucky or it’s fate πŸ™‚

    I’ll post some pics soon …

  19. By the way I prefer this over the previous entry of this shot. I think the composition is perfect in this one, with the little rock in the cave and the lake in the distance placed very well! As well as the two hills in the distance

  20. Christian, in an image like this – how would you go about selecting the foreground with all the detail around the bushes. Do you use a quick mask or something else. I’m trying to blur the water in an image but have a load of grass and bushes over the ocean and can’t accurately seperate the two. Any help would be great before I lose the will to live! Cheers

  21. Hi Rich, I’m not an expert on masking but I would start with the magic wand with the tolerance set around 40 then zoom in and lower the tolerance and start clicking. The blues of the water should be reasonably consistent so I would be masking that. Keep adding to the mask with the lasso tools as well. This is time consuming and annoying but that is how I do it. I have been too lazy to learn the proper way which would probably save me time in the long run. I’m sure there is the best way to do it on the net. I must look that up when I get some time.

  22. Thanks Christian – much appreciated! I’ve been trawling the net and it all looks frustrating and slow whichever way you do it. I’ll give it a go!

  23. This is a great photograph… I’ve been using it as my desktop wallpaper for the last few days. It’s nice to see such a beautiful view each time I open my laptop.

  24. I’ll send through a photo of myself, now that is a beautiful view!!!!

  25. Thanks for the tip Christian … I gave it a go over the w/e and after painstakingly getting an accurate selection, when I blur the water it also runs over the bushes. I’ve tried doing it as a new layer, refining the edge etc but I just keep losing the detail and bluring accross the selection. Any guidence would be a great help! Thanks

  26. Rich you need to copy the sky to a new layer. Make the selection make sure you are on the background layer then hit command J or Control J on a pc. This thows the selection of the sky on to its own layer. then go back the the background layer. reselect the sky, invert it and then put the foreground up on its own layer, command j. Blur the sky with a motion blur then move the foreground layer to the top in the layers palette and it will be sweet. hpe that makes sense!

  27. Excellent – it does … I was nearly there. I had the Ocean and sky on its own layer but not the foreground so hopefully I’ll get this nailed! Thanks for the help!

  28. Thanks Christian, I’m quite embarrassed – really quite easy when you know how!

  29. Having just scaled this beast of a hill (“Hard walk” – more like moderate mountain climbing) I’m amazed that you got up there in pre dawn light without damaging life, limb, or lens.

    Nice dedication to the photo! Extreme photography anyone?

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