Albany Podcast

This is a look at a trip my brother and I made to Albany a couple of months ago. If you need to waste 3 minutes!!!


~ by christianfletcher on May 9, 2008.

17 Responses to “Albany Podcast”

  1. Cool stuff guys!! So your not the only creative one in the family then Christian??!! Have fun at the course this weekend!!!

  2. well we are twins, I guess he has my DNA so he should have the potential to be a legend too 🙂

  3. awesome … did I see a few shots in there that we haven’t seen?

  4. no that was Michaels footage. Not bad hey!

  5. Looks pretty good!
    Keep them coming! haha

  6. Brilliant work and what a gorgeous place and Michael did some very nice shooting! Just looked at it in high quality on youtube, super nice.

    That last shot with you silhouetted on the rock is funny – I hope it’s the wind but looking at your shadow your knees legs are shaking violently like the backpack weighs a tonnes 😀

  7. Another quality podcast… Michael is having a blast. Looks like he may get in a shot or two as well :). Great sequencing with music and the video.

  8. I agree with Dylan, keep them happening, the musics not bad either.

  9. thanks guys I’ll tell Michael. Still looking for a cowboy hat to keep my flowing grey locks out of my eyes. This vid only took him 2 months, things don’t happen to quickly around here. The silhouette shot is Michael and it was blowing a gale!! no shakey legs!!!

  10. Flemming I didn’t know you could watch videos on youtube at a higher resolution. I changed the settings in my account and it is great to see the videos how they should be seen. Thanks for that.

  11. You need a hat and loose the sleeves 😉
    I did reckon it was the wind but the shadow looks so funny 🙂 Michaels video in high quality on youtube looks outstanding!

  12. Fletch if you get the cowboy hat you know your going to have to get the sleeveless shirt to match and really turn on the Australian accent. Especially around tourists.

  13. You realise that the shirt will have to be a flannel – red and black. Either that or a blue bondsy singlet.

  14. nice work work christian
    Tell you bro to keep them coming as Dylan said

  15. strewth Matt I reckon your bloody well right Maaattte, crikey! I almost have a mullet Bekka so the flannel could be the go.

    Kirke, I’ll tell Michael to hurry up with more vids but hey is very slow, need to get the cattle prod out!! Merv might have one!

  16. yeah got the cattle prod and the stock whip, dogs as well if that will help

  17. all would be warmly received Merv thanks, what about a 22?

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