last night

Took this pic last night for Fraser Gallop Estate. It is a magnificent property and the sky made it easy to shoot. Took this stitched pano from the roof of the van. Not the most stable base but it worked.


~ by christianfletcher on May 9, 2008.

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  1. Hope you were wearing your personal protective equipment!

  2. no, and I got bitten by mossies!! Even the ladder was wobbly! worksafe come and get me!!

  3. I don’t know if you saw my post but I went to a winery the other day and caused asked 101 questions about why I was there, who I work for, why I wanted to take photos etc… (and it is open to the public)

    I love this shot! Very dramatic, and the kind of glowing spotlight effect on the vines really reflects the mood of the sky!

    Good Stuff!

  4. Oh yeah how do you go about using grads for a hilly horizon?

  5. Swish, Fletch, swish! Thanks for the new wallpaper. Did you use use a coloured grad for this?

  6. Striking! Has a trademark Fletcher look, especially those clouds and the painting with light. I bet they’ll be super happy with that shot.
    As for the truck, you need to fit a crane to the back, shouldn’t be hard 🙂

  7. Even looking at the small jpeg the detail is insane, love what you have done with the light. The wide open perspective is gorgeous.

  8. On another note I had some of their 2004 Cab Sav whilst I was down south the other weekend. What a stunning wine it was!!! Make sure you guys try it.

    Jamie Paterson

  9. I love this one Christian. every thing looks just right to me,
    Cheers Pete.

  10. dylan the grads are soft so there was no problems with a bumpy horizon. Yeah the winery owners get a bit funny if you don’t tell them your coming. Still they are always looking for new pics to buy for promotion. Say your going to give them some to use in their marketing…………..for a small fee!!!

  11. yeah matthew I put an orange gradient over the sky in photoshop and selected a blend mode of overlay.

    I was thinking about buying a cherry picker, would be awesome for lots of purposes, the van was too unstable, it is amazing how much it moves when your on the top.

    Neal, I need a couple of more shots on the right, think the house would have been better in the middle.

    Jamie your right about the wine it is fantastic, will be doing a wine swap for this shot for sure.

  12. this is fantastic using the lighting to offset the slowly yellowing vines is great .. I have been dying to take some vineyard pics ever since seeing your huge print in the CBA busselton but thought it wasnt much use at the moment with the vines looking so patchy

  13. Great shot Christian. The vines really pull you into the frame, and the autumn colours really stand out against the green grass. I like!

  14. Coralie, now is the time to be shooting the vines. Thanks for the comment Luke.

  15. Yes very nice I like this one….keep at it you’re getting better all the time (LOL)

    How many shots is this one Christian?

  16. Don’t forget photographers’ that a lot of orchards’ will be start turning on the colour about this time of year too! Although framing a shot with all the sheds can be difficult and they don’t tend to have a chateaux or fancy building for a centrepiece. Hope you get a heap of wine for this one:)

  17. I like the fact that the house is off centre. It shows the scope of the vines a lot better, and the vines really are the winery, the house is just the showpiece.

  18. Very noice!!! I like the fact that the house is of centre too!!! Wordsworth’s winery in Harvey along the south west highway is worth a look at too they have nice buildings and roses at the end of each row!!!

  19. Nice shot! I mean it! Niiiiiiiice shot! Our trees are getting great for photography too!

  20. Great work Christian ,
    Love the Sky , I seee what you ment about a few shots short . Still a stunning shot .
    Thanks for the course this weekend as well

  21. Nice shot Christian, What filter holder and filters do you use? im using the B&W ones but think the slide filters would be more versitile. thanks.

  22. Hi William ,
    Christian uses Lee filter kit its pretty expensive but the best on the market . A simular product is the cokin P or Cokin Z series which is a lot cheaper and fairly good for their price however you will get color cast when you start stacking more then 2 ND filters . The slide filters are a lot better then screw filters as you more versitlitle when you use you nd grads as you can adjust the filter to suit where the horizion is with out moving the camera .

  23. Thanks for the reply Kirkhille, Ive heard of the lee filters but having a hard time finding somwere to buy them from.


  24. merv this was 10 shots.

    Will, you can get the filters from B&H Photo in New York.

  25. Awesome shot Christian! I didn’t initially think the composition needed any change to make the showpiece house central, but on reflection it certainly would be worth trying – gee it could be challenging to get another sky like that though – but like everything, worth trying.

    I laughed out loud when someone above said to keep trying because you were getting better… luckily I’d just finished the coffee or I’d have sprayed it everywhere !

    On filter purchases, an alternative place to consider is also, I bought my Cokin ND Grad kit from them when nobody in AU had them in stock, they had modest freight costs, and even after credit card conversion etc the price was good – I haven’t compared their pricing to B&H though.

  26. Brett I tried cropping but you loose too much of the nice sky. The owner of the property is pretty happy so I won’t tell him about the position of the house!! Thanks for the tip on the filters. cheers

  27. yes, I was only considering adding to the image as you talked about earlier, you couldn’t crop down what you have already got as you’d just lose too much (of a good thing!)

  28. They’d have to be pleased with that. Beautiful.

  29. They were H, but also concerned with how much it was going to cost them!!!!!

  30. some people

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