Oh what a night

Thanks to all who attended the 4th course this weekend. It was a hoot and great to see the girls out in force. The Flametree wines went down a treat, especially after a few hours when people started to realise I wasn’t going to shut up!! The only way to beat the boredom was to drink Flametrees stunning wines and hope to fall asleep. I think this was the best course yet, definitely the best looking bunch since the night Merv French attended!! Got the usual sore throat from talking all night, will someone please tell me to shut up!!! Looking forward to course number 5.



~ by christianfletcher on May 11, 2008.

21 Responses to “Oh what a night”

  1. Mate I can’t wait to do another course!

  2. Thanks Christian ,
    Had a great informative night was very helpfull . Also had a great weekend down South , There are so many locations to photograph down there its amazing hopefully should have one posted tonight

  3. Gee they couldn’t have been much of a crew, and remember your vision was impaired by the demon drink.

    In my opinion and I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, there was only one half decent looking fella on the night I was there,and I had to look in the mirror to see him!!!!!!

    Good to see that my mate Pete missed the cut.

  4. I had a great night. Thanks for all the great info christian although I was a bit out of my league dont have very much equipment yet. Iam dying to get to my friday morning tafe course to try everything out on photoshop c3 as I am working on elements 2 at moment. Did go out with my dinky 8mb digital camera and took a mutilply shot of my front paddocks and stitched it together in elements not to bad since I had held and just clicked away. something to start on.
    It was great to meet you and all the others there and see where you came from in photography (probably where I am now..lol) and where you have got to. The plans I can now make 🙂

  5. Sounds like it was another good one! When’s the photoshop course? Perhaps even ‘FletchTV’ on the internet?

  6. Merv, those who never met you are missing out. May have to get you on the next course as the eye candy!!! You could serve the drinks and use the cattle prod on those who fall to sleep.

    Rich, Fletch Tv, I like the sound of that. Should have a very short season!!!! May do a photoshop course one day, as soon as I run out of people to do the workflow course!!

  7. Thanks Christian, it was a great course. All of it makes sense and the only thing holding me back are the things you showed us on the computer. I have Photoshop CS2 and just have to learn that part a bit better.

  8. Glad you enjoyed yourself Joan, Photoshop does make a difference. Cheers

  9. Thankyou thankyou I had such a great night.Couln’t sleep all I could think about was getting up to take photos in the morning.The course was great!! Can’t wait to come back down there to take some more great shots.

  10. Coralie, it was great to meet you too. It is nice to see people getting all enthusiastic about photography, hope you get some better results now. cheers

  11. Thanks Melissa, do you know I couldn’t sleep either, that was more the fault of my kids than anything!!! I think I got about 3 hours total. Saw there was some potential for good shots on Sunday but as it was mothers day I was on call !!! Where did you go on Sunday?

  12. I went back to the boat ramp but the light was not as good as Saturday.So after droping my phone into the water and getting wet trying to get that “perfect shot” I found a really awsome old bridge so I stayed dry and photographed that insted.Did my first stitch an I am in love with stiching now is really cool!!

  13. ah yes the old phone in the water trick! bummer, hope it wasn’t an ipone. Stitching is very cool, you never have to worry about the scene being too wide to shoot, you can get everything in!! Let us have a look at your results, on your own blog, if you have one, we can all comment and help out with ideas if needed. Cheers

  14. Was looking into those panoramic heads and couldn’t remember the name of the cheaper one you suggested?

  15. Its called the Nodal Ninja 3 Mark II.

  16. thanks will check it out now

  17. Thanks Christian…had a great night! Didn’t manage to get any shots down there as my trip was so fleeting however am heading up North soon in search of some great photos! Photoshop course sounds great, I reckon you’d have plenty of takers!!

  18. Thanks for coming Sandy, hope you get some good light up north. The photoshop course is on the cards, will have to see how I go for time. cheers

  19. yew christian!
    sick night i had ay
    i was about to tell all my mates how you do your pics and all the handy tricks i learnt on photoshoppe, but i decided to keep it my little secret haha. i just held my excitment all up inside.

    i tried my first 13 shot pano the other day with my broken 50 1.8. turned out nice with my new best mate PT gui and my brand new photoshope skilz.
    keep up the sick work.
    (love the shots u produced with the 100-400 yew)


  20. Thats great Nick, glad you got some new photoshop skilz mate. now if you find out how to stitch a wave shot together let us know. Cheers buddy

  21. im trying christian, i really am.

    i may be trying a flash housing with a 320 degree view. i need to use my freshiist skillz and a lotta coin but it can and will be done haha.

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