This is the sky I had the other night for the shots at Fraser Gallop wines. Could imagine flying around these clouds, would be amazing. This looks like it was taken from the air. I used a Canon 100 to 400 for this and it was a 6 image stitch, and not taken with the pano head. Surprised at how PT GUI sorted this image out for me.


~ by christianfletcher on May 12, 2008.

25 Responses to “Skyscape”

  1. Stunning image Christian, I can picture myself flying through it, better than a Manga Film!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!
    I have been told by some artistic friends to get some skyscape shots as they are different, abstract and can obviously look great like this one!
    I think this photo will look amazing as a big print!

    Keep it up!


  3. Without the pano head – is this just handheld? Love the shot! I need to do a lot more work in photoshop to get some pix like these! So when are you going to let us all know where these new shots are going or is it still secret squirrel stuff?

  4. whats a manga film??

    Dylan the only problem with this pic is I shot it a little dark and when I tried bringing it back got some nasty noise. Had to work it a bit to get it looking good, may have issues big.

  5. Just call say it’s film grain! haha
    Well I like the dark gray storm clouds in the right hand corner!
    But we are our own biggest critics! And if we werent… there wouldn’t be shots worth looking at!

  6. A Japanese animated film! I know how the noise can creep in on long exposures, thanks for putting me on to Noise Ninja.

  7. that is true Dylan.

    Rich it was on my regular tripod head. The exhibition is going to be held at the Mandurah Performing Arts centre in Feb 2009. the opening should be a big night. You will all be offered and invite. It is to be an exclusive Limited Edition show and will be the first time these prints will be seen in the flesh. Lets say we will be throwing some dough at it to make it special. Probably go broke in the process!!!

  8. Very nice dramatic cloudscape – and PTgui can do magic, I shoot a lot of handheld panos and PTgui works its magic wand and creates seamless stitches.
    Clouds can bring out ugly digital chroma noise like nothing else if you need to brighten them or saturate them. I don’t really know why, but clouds surely can’t hold their chroma noise down!

  9. Looking forward to it already!

  10. Nice shot Fletch.

    Hand held panos can certainly be shot without much trouble as long as you have something like PTGUI to stitch them and your prepared to crop quite a bit top and bottom at times.

    “Merv’s Affordable Pano Head” is going fine, I have fitted it with a quick release plate and it can be set up and going in under a minute.

    Now Fletch about this exhibition,sounds pretty good to me. If you need someone with a stockwhip and a cattle prod so they don’t getaway without buying on the opening night , I can help and I’m sure Donelle would front as well.

  11. Nice image Christian, I recon a spitfire flying out of the clouds would finish it off nicely.

  12. Merv, you know me so well!!! Look if you need a spruiker I have voice that can travel for miles, all that yelling at cows has its advantages you know!! Im currently using the BIG voice as my son calls it to control 30 year 1 boys in the change room after swimming lessons, let me tell you it aint a fun job but what else is a mum to do!!! By the way Christian I love this shot makes you wish you could fly!!!

  13. On another note, how do I get this PTGUI that stitches the photo’s together I would love to give it a try??

  14. Donelle Just google PTGUI and then you can download it from the site it’s simple.

    There’s a trial version if you want to try it, but it leaves a watermark on the picture after it’s done.

  15. great shot Christian love it ,
    Ptgui done a great job for a hand held panorama

  16. Yes its a great shot. I can certainly place myself in the picture flying through them. More than that its different!!!! Great work as always Mr Fletcher. 🙂

  17. Thanks merv, Ive dowloaded the trial version so I can see how it works and figure it out!!! This pregnancy brain of mine sure makes things hard sometimes!!! Will head out tomorrow and take some shots and see how it goes!!

  18. your right Flemming, the exposure I took was way under, and bringing it back opened up a can of worms!

    Merv get that head refined and you could sell one to every person on my courses. As for crowd control at the exhibition, your on!!

    Dave I’m thinking the same thing, I do have a few planes, will see if I can fudge one into the shot!

    Thanks Jamie, Kirk and Donelle

  19. Great Cloud shot you know how to bring them out and the colours are brilliant .. your right it does look like its at a thousand feet not taken with your feet firmly on the ground. the plane idea would be a good one.

    Off topic just signed up with word press for a blog thought I better get up with the times ..will be very basic till I work it all out but come visit if anywone feels like it : ) hope thats right

  20. Okay peoples, I tried out the PTGUI program today that thing is awesome I am definantly getting the real version it was so damn easy!!! Lovin it just lovin it!! And the pic didnt turn out to bad either if i do say so myself!!!

  21. could you please send me your email address because i want to ask you some question on ‘Skyscape’ for a school assignment. I hope you get this. Thank you.

  22. I forget to add, that your photos are really beautiful. I don’t know much about photography but I think you really captured the beauty of nature. I had to choose a photo for my ‘Photography & Digital Media’ diary, and I chose to use ‘Skyscape’ because it’s a really pretty photo of the sky.

  23. thanks Tiffany, you can ask any questions through the blog. Cheers

  24. Sorry for the late reply but did you have an intended audience for this photo

  25. Well my assignment is due tomorrow, wish me good luck. i think i got everything i need for it.
    Once again, you take really pretty photos. i always loved nature and how it is different all the time, yet still be beautiful.

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