Whilst we are on the subject of aviation, I took this pic at Avalon also. I think I may have the date wrong on the layout!! it was two shows ago so that makes it almost 4 years old. Shot this with the Canon 100-400mm at 400mm. Not too bad considering it was handheld. Love the Hornet displays and this Aussie pilot stuck it to the Yanks in their f-16. He was definitely showing off for the crowd. Very cool…………….if your a plane geek like me!


~ by christianfletcher on May 13, 2008.

15 Responses to “Hornet”

  1. Nice Pic, I hope those are flares behind the plane not Sidewinders 😯

  2. nice comment Dave 🙂
    Nice shot as well Christian

  3. Christian,

    Are you using 100x100mm Lee Filters or 100x150mm Lee Filters?



  4. yes only flares.

    Jamie I use the 100×150

  5. Sweet photo fletch!!! My brother was a war fanatic when I was growing up so I have a limited appreciation of all things plane, war ship and gun wise!!

  6. Looks really good against the cloud, great photo!

  7. Nice shot Christian
    Just a question…
    You mentioned it at your course but I forgot.
    When printing a say 20 inch pano what sort of settings would you apply for sharpening? What percentage and radius?


  8. Luke I am using smart sharpen mostly now. With that I would say an amount something between 100 and 150 with a radius of 0.3. In the remove box I would select lens blur and tick the more accurate box. Sharpening is a personal thing but you need to over sharpen a bit to get a good result. The more you do it the sooner you will find a sweet spot.


    Donelle sounds familiar!!

  9. Thanks for that Christian. I currently use settings as you stated above for web. But for print do you not crank the percentage up to say 300 – 400 percent?

  10. Luke, only if it is a large print like a 60″ or bigger and then only if it can handle it. Not sure if smart sharpen works that well on bigger prints. You might then go to the LAB sharpening technique I talked about in the course notes. Kens lab sharpen his stuff with an amount around 400% a Radius of 1.1 and a threshold of 5. (on large panos) You have to look and see what it is doing to the image, if you are getting sharpening halos then you have probably gone too far!

  11. Thanks a lot for the info, it’s cleared a few things up. I appreciate it

  12. Christian I see there has been some updates to the website! I also see some images that I haven’t seen before!… I like the vertical one in the new images. I also see the boy was scraped in the Mitchell Rocks photo.


  13. yeah. A few changes but I am looking forward to a whole new revamp of the site. Got to get my mate moving on it!……………..yep the kids gone!!!! I’ll miss him!

  14. But it was a luck shark then, wasn’t it;)

  15. Supercool 😀

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