Oh Yeah

Hows this, didn’t have a shot of a Spitfire Dave! Took the image of the F111 doing it’s usual dump and burn airshow routine. This aircraft never ceases to amaze me, and it slots into this scene just perfect. Might try and sell this to the airforce!! They probably won’t have any money if they waste it on the super hornets or the F-35.


~ by christianfletcher on May 13, 2008.

18 Responses to “Oh Yeah”

  1. That’s spunked it up a bit.
    Put this in you limited edition gallery I think.
    Needs a mushroom cloud or some napalm behind it just to complete the image.

  2. Not bad πŸ™‚

    It doesn’t quite have the nostalgic feel that a WWII plane would give it though.

    Can’t you arrange for a Spitfire fly by over Dunsborough, maybe a couple of Wellington Bombers and a Messerschmitt too (if so I want to be there πŸ˜‰ ).

  3. That works πŸ™‚
    Yeah definatly a limited edition

  4. I love it but I can imagine my wife saying take that offensive thing out of that photo!! I have to say it is a guy thing to like this stuff. I will print one for my sons room, he will love it. Dave I think we need to organise a trip to Wanaka in NZ for their amazing warbird airshow. Now to try and get that idea approved by the wife !!!!!!

  5. Love it, I’m a airplane nerd as well πŸ˜€
    These clouds are super versatile though. You can do new planes, old planes, kite surfers, choppers, super heroes etc. You’re set for some nice income for a while there!

  6. Welcome out of the closet, now you’re out have you ever checked out http://www.airliners.net/? It’s got military stuff too!

  7. already have Matthew, great site! My dream is to get to Oshkosh one day, will see!!

  8. Flemming I will post a few more plane pics then since we all have an interest. Would love to make my income as an aviation photographer travelling to shows all over the world.

  9. Cool image christian, I like the plane one more but thats a personnel taste issue. Kinda has a Flash Gordon fell to it, whoops gave away my age again ;(

  10. yeah it does Neal, don’t worry I remember Flash Gordon too, and I’m talking about the original black and white!!!!

  11. Hi Christian,
    Yes Wanaka would be the place to go…just remember to pack your paraglider, becasue its a fantastic place to fly too. we spend two weeks in the area and one week with family else where in NZ, thats the right ratio isnt it?

    Oh! a paraglider would look more majestic in and around those clouds than the F-111.

    photoshop is magic!

  12. Wanaka’s a great place anytime of the year.

    Now if you are really into all things aircrafty and a complete nerd, have a look at this , it will keep you amused for hours


    Don’t you just love the net!!!!

  13. Wanaka’s a great place anytime of the year.

    If you are into all things aircrafty and a complete nerd, check this out it will keep you amused for hours.


    Don’t you just love the net!!

  14. Wanaka’s a great place anytime of the year.

    If you are into all things aircrafty and a real nerd check out this site.


    don’t ya just love the net!!!!

  15. Hi Fletch I tried to post 3 times here and they don’t come up..can you scape 2 of them if they appear.

  16. Nigel I think the ratio is spot on. However if you only go for 1 week you can leave the family at home as this will mean, if you go by the ratio, it won’t be worth them coming over!! Will see if I have a paragliding shot to put in!!

    only got one Merv, time to update your computer or your skill levels!

  17. Thanks for the pointer to airliners.net Matthew.
    I checked it out and found a number of photos of the Bristol Britannia (The Whispering Giant), the first aircraft I worked on in my 10 years in the RAF many moons ago. Brought tears to my eyes.
    Christian, the F-111 dump and burn will never beat the old English Electric Lightning which used to just sit on its tail and fly absolutely vertically (90deg) until you just lost site of it. What a feat that was. Brute force. Oh well those were the days……..

  18. Michael, would love to have seen a lightning flying, it was one on my favourite planes when I was growing up. Still love it today, it is so “Thunderbirds”

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