This ones for you Dave, not a Spitie but just as good. This guy had just taken off. Image is a little soft when blown up but a cool image for us plane geeks. 400mm lens taken with my old 20D.


~ by christianfletcher on May 15, 2008.

20 Responses to “Mustang”

  1. Nice shot Christian , nice airfraft as well ,
    You deffinatly got the aircraft theme going at the moment .
    Like your new header as well 🙂

  2. Hmmmmm, Mustang:)

  3. I’ve just noticed, you’ve changed your header to the F111 as well! I take it this is temporary?

  4. I LOVE planes. I was seriously considering get my pilots license a few years ago. Photography abosrbed all my money though. I love helicopters even more though. When every I fly offshore to our oil rigs the pilots let my sit in the co pilots seat so I can take stacks of photos.

  5. yes the plane theme is big at the moment, I just love photographing them. The header may change again but not for a while. If you love flying get into paragliding it is cheap and one of the best flying experiences I have had. I was a few lessons away from getting my restricted pilots license last year, did all the solo flights etc but just couldn’t finish it. Time and money are big factors if you want to go GA. Helicopters, now that is an expensive game!!!

  6. Nice photo Christian, I think you should have told the pilot his propeller isn’t going round though 😀

    I was lucky enough to go to a school where they had an RAF Cadet program and we got to go flying all the time. Aerobatics in chipmunks, gliding, touch and go’s in Herc’s (not to be recommended after a big lunch) and summer camps on RAF bases.

    Sadly since leaving school I’ve had little chance to follow up on any of it but is was fun while it lasted 🙂

  7. I was in the Airforce cadets also, spent many weekends at Pearce AFB. Loved it.

  8. Yeah my dad flies and I love going up in those little planes! Great scenery.

  9. Who would have thought there were so many plane nuts here too 🙂 I’ve been a glider pilot for a number of years (more than I’d care to say actually!) but have been pretty inactive for the last 8. I agree with Christian about finding ways to keep involved that can cost a lot less – Gliding was like that for a while for me, much cheaper than GA would have been. I got back into RC slope soaring, so very similar concepts to paragliding, and just a blast seeing how well you can go against the elements. Love the current theme, keep it going 🙂

  10. Cadet Fletcher… haha. Mate I was in the RAAF as an MP at the Pearce base. It was my first posting from the MP School and I went there with a mate from my course (Mark) who was and looked as hard as nails and I remember a cadet came into the station for something and he was a Cadet SGT and when Mark said can I help you mate. This cadet tried to dress him down and told him to call him by his rank. Was so funny… Mark tore him a new one.

    The SAS operate out of Pearce sometimes and I remember on one of my first nightshifts falling asleep at the desk and I got caught by a SAS Warrant Officer… I got torn a new one. Of all the people to catch you… just wasnt my day.

  11. Brett I was into RC slope soaring also. Had a Ricochete Bullet. It flew so fast, that was until I dropped it on to a limestone outcrop. Took 3 months to build and only seconds to destroy. It wasn’t a good day!

  12. Matt that was me, still can’t sit down without flinching!!! Actually I didn’t make it past LAC, not smart enough!!! The cadets were full of little Nazi’s

  13. Non aircraft question, do you ever have much call to use a plain ND Filter just to slow things down or can you get away with using only the darkest part of the grey grad?

  14. Fletch I didnt make it past LAC either…. thats why we are photographers. 🙂

  15. yeah I guess so Matt, not smart enough for anything else.!!! But who wants to be told what to do, thats what the wife is for!!!!

  16. Mmmmm I was in the Navy for six years and on submarines of all things. I should’ve join the RAAF and flown planes. I’ve recently bought myself a remote control helicopter and its so cool. I fly it around the house and drive the wife and cat crazy. Now if I could just work out how to fly it across to the fridge and then hook a beer on to it….

  17. That would be some fancy flying Jamie and you would need a heavy lift capability! I think a model Chinook would be the go!!

  18. Matthew, I do have a straight nd filter and it is perfect for shots taken an hour os so before the sun goes down. Also great for adding affect to any scene if you want movement in the clouds or water etc, love using them.

  19. Thanks for that, do you use a Lee or a screw in? May I also ask you to divulge how many stops you’d recommend as I only want to get one for now. I was thinking of going the Lee 0.6:)

  20. Matthew I use a B&W screw in and it is about 10 stops from memory. It is about as dark as you can get mate.

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