Solar Rebate Axed

Oh well lets go and use this planet whilst we can. Now the government has axed the solar rebate for households with a combined income of over $100,000. Great, what a good idea! I wonder how much that will save the government. When you think there are only about 250 solar houses in this state anyway, they are going to save heaps. May as well knock solar on the head and stick to what we have lots of …..yummy coal !! I never liked Midnight Oil anyway!! Bunch of Wankers!!!!!!!! If this pisses you off too send an email to Peter Garrett here


~ by christianfletcher on May 16, 2008.

29 Responses to “Solar Rebate Axed”

  1. Shows you how serious we actually are with climate change.
    Can’t wait for the carbon trading scheme to arrive, then people will get a good idea of what coal power should really cost.

    Is Peter Garrett responsible for this portfolio or is it Penny Wong?

    Did you sneak the rebate in Christian?

  2. Email duly sent, this government cares less than the last about the environment. With Petter Garrett as an environmental ‘figurehead’ they figure the issue has been dealt with! The ALP has learnt a lot of lessons from Gallop’s best mate, Tony Blair:(

  3. Yeah, go the coal, I always thought that environmental stuff was a load of codswallop.

    Lets hope that someone pulls their head from the sand and think about this seriously, it’s just crazy……….

  4. Email sent!!! Not impressed, solar power is expensive enough to set up even with the rebate!! While I was at it I complained about the baby bonus too!!

  5. Yes I mate I was pretty astounded to hear this. Climate care is not about how much money you make!!! This affects everyone.

  6. I guess I should get that environmentally unfriendly F111 off my blog………..nah it looks too cool and doesn’t burn coal!!
    Thanks for the comments guys! We are all doomed I think, if it isn’t the environment it’s bird flu or global food shortages not to mention a stack of nukes with power crazed politicians and fundamentalists!!! ohh and don’t forget Microsoft……..and those lousy PC’s. Steve Jobs where are you, you need to save the world with solar powered iphones.

  7. GEEZ Christian you sound a peed off, at least you got your rebate. Makes a fars of the pre election green platform that this government was voted in on ah. Good on you KRUDD. The only thing we can hope for is that they get the message and put even more incentive into green power options. It,s times like this you need a bottle of Flametree wine.

  8. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense considering the takeup rate of solar panels.
    You won’t hear much from Peter Garret ,they like to keep him way out of the limelight.
    i bet the manufacturers of panels are rapped it it as well.

    On another note maybe all planes should be grounded as they are some of the worst polluters of the atmosphere going around.

  9. Can not blame me I never voted Labor, I have memories of the early 90’s and early 80’s. In the 90’s I was trying to build my first home on 18% interest rates and unemployment rates of around 10% and in the 80’s I was fresh out of school trying to get an apprenticeship which where like hens teeth back in the day.

    But it seems most people have no memory or choose to have no memory or took there vote and SOLD it to the Media and their appetite for a change.

    Mr Garret was once singing against the very policies and lies he now stands behind. What a WANKER in my book! And Wayne Swan my god all he has done in the past 5 months is complain complain complain, Hey Mr Swan how bout you grow a set of gonads.

    Heres to another 5 years of Labor 😦 yes thats right 5 more years at least.

    I could go on but I am on holidays ad do not want to think off the state of play that will be forth coming in the next few years.

    Rant over, Back to my wheat beer and mapping out this route to the coast the other side of Mill Valley, so many dead ends.

  10. I voted green as always, but they are all the same in the end. I remember the 18% interest rates, that was what I was on with my first mortgage. Beer sounds good Neal, so does Flametree Wines Peter, I think I will stockpile some good wine for the looming days ahead, I think I will drink myself into oblivion, can’t be to bad a way to go!! Bashing your head against a wall doesn’t seem to do much. Merv I think we should ground planes that don’t fly as fast or look as good as a F111. I think sailing the world on wind power should be the mode of transport in the future. Will stop things like bird flu getting around so fast and imagine you would need 3 months holidays not 4 weeks. Now we are on to something!!

  11. Christian how does solar power pizza sound? Last night was feeling a little hungry after a day in the sun and found a place called Stefano’s Pizza 100% solar powered (like a lot of places here in SF), but was surprised to see a pizza place solar powered. So being solar powered we had no hesitation eating there. The cost for them has gone from $12,000 a year in power bills to $80.00 a year. He said it cost them around $100,000 to go 100% solar and it will taken them 8 -9 years to get there money back. So if your back in SF one day and have a hunger for pizza check out delicious pizza by the slice and 100% green as well.

  12. Looks like an interesting place
    1 medium Portugese with sun dried tomatoes and anchovies
    1 garlic bread
    1 ceaser salad
    and a premium draft pint…………thank you.

  13. I sent the same email 5 times!…..bunch of tossers.

  14. Seriously – that’s crap. My husband and I signed papers on friday to apply for a home loan, and we actually discussed the solar panels as a possibility down the track. We only considered them to begin with due to the rebate (which is an awful admission to make, but we couldn’t afford them without it, as much as we want them). Bunch of wankers. We’re still talking about them, but unfortunately they have been put back to a ‘lotto level’ for now. That’s it, Garrett is officially a and I voted Labor. Morons.

  15. What a cool idea, forget the wood fired pizza! Can you get silicon chips to go with that πŸ™‚
    Yeah Bekka, I have friends that were going to sign up soon, now they aren’t. I think this is a big mistake from the government and I hope this decision is changed.

    sorry Merv don’t like sun dried tomatoes!

  16. Thomas I could have been the Wong decision!!! We got our rebate for our solar panels in time thanks to the Liberals!! Really expected more from labour. I guess the rebate is still there, just not if your a hard worker or have achieved something in your life. I may as well go surfing and work less.

  17. Quote from Wayne Swan it todays West (19-5-08) page 6.

    “The budget changes would not necessarily hurt the solar industry or reduce the take up of panels”

    This quote is at the end of a story about how solar panel makers and distributers have had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work cancelled since the decision.
    Is that out of touch with the real world or is that out of touch with the real world!!

  18. It is “away with the fairies” I think Merv. They better change this decision. It is one of the best ways to tackle climate change. I can’t believe these guys can’t sit down together and really think about the effect this would have on the industry and come up with any other conclusion that it will stop the take up of solar by the average household.

  19. bahahahahahaha – Christian if they change their minds, I’ll become a fan of the way Peter Garrett dances.
    I can feel that old R&I ad from my teens coming on again. You know the one where they were proud to announce they had the lowest interest rates in the industry at 13.75%

  20. Guys I must say, Its intresting see the changes in Australia since I have moved to South Africa. while these issues you raise are a concern, the level of concern is not life threatening.
    You know when you switch on the power something is going to happen, unlike the massive load shedding expreanced not just at home but in the business community, further destroying the stability of the country. never mind the mass murder and rape happening every day.
    I hope and pray that Australia stays the same as it is, with its only concerns relating to solar rebates and day light savings.

  21. Heard on talk back radio that the solar panel manufacturers have had a 70% cancelation on orders and now have to sack people. I guess because our household is above the rebate threshold that our emissions are cleaner than that of a household that earns under under a 100k. Please explain.

  22. Nige you better come back before it is too late. Yes you have put it in perspective, we are so lucky here in Aus still what good is a lucky country if the environment is screwed. I think we better go flying in our eco friendly paragliders! Speaking of mass murder and rape, hows your photography going?

  23. Dave, I think about the guys who put our panels in, they said it was tough back then when they still had the rebate, I think they will be suffering now.

  24. Hi christian, the photographys happening but too shy to show anyone as yet. Ill send you a link of some I have uploaded to the web… ;o(

  25. OK christian, heres my link to flicker I hope its all right for me to attach my link. please be gentle with your comments….! hehe! Im a beginner, and dont have a fletcher training course to improve my work yet.

  26. don’t be shy Nige we are all adults here. Would just love to see what it is like in your town, how about some night shots around Jo’burg. Lots of action shots I think.

  27. Just watching Business sunday where they had a segment about the solar power rebate being axed. And the real reason Peter “I’m a brainless pinhead liar” Garrett axed the rebate was they where getting around 900 applications a month for solar conversion and he thought the industry was over heating and he would like to see applications reduced to around 260 per month.

    Way to go “Pinhead Garrett” wipe around 70% of business demand with the swipe of your pen. Why do labor governments always insist on stifling business. Is another 500-600 australia WIDE solar applications per month REALLY going to make that difference with our GDP?

    I think I should post this on my blog as well, more people in Australia should know about the REAL agenda of the Labor Government.

  28. unbeleviable isn’t it. How could it be a bad thing? Do it Neal, the more people that hear about this the better.

  29. Shocking is what it is. Why we take this I have no idea. Why we have people running the country with no real world business sense baffles me.

    I did post this on my blog with a little more info as well. I think the majority of Australians are concerned with green power when asked. Why we do not have large wind farms and masses of huge solar power fields is a huge gamble on all our futures.

    Until we get a real leader of this country that has vision beyond the 3 year re-election cycle I don”t hold out much hope for advancement in these areas. Why places like Brazil / Sweden / Denmark etc can embrace green technologies and we can not is beyond my comprehension.

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