Competition Time

Ok, to win the photoshop tutorial here is the question. “How much will I be selling the tutorials for when they finally become available?” This is a best guess wins type thing so no real skill needed. Also please suggest what you would like to pay for it. Will help me gage if I am pricing myself too high or low!! The closest to the figure I have set will get the goods!!!
Send me an email with your answer. You have to the 27th of this month to enter.

Well what are you waiting for!


~ by christianfletcher on May 20, 2008.

9 Responses to “Competition Time”

  1. Need a bit more info first …

    1. How long will the tutorials be?
    2. Will they be delivered on dvd or downloaded from the web?
    3. What format will they come in? ie will they be screen based movies with voice over or video footage of you wandering around the wilderness attacking barb wire fences?
    4. Will each tutorial come with an 80″ “Fletch” print of our choice πŸ˜€

    Hope I’m not making you think too hard πŸ‘Ώ

    P.S. Make sure you email the answers to me so no one else gets the benefit of the additional info …

  2. Hi Christian,

    I’m with Dave on this. I’d need to know more about the product being delivered prior to making any guesses. A further question would be:

    1. Are you covering just one subject or multiple subjects?



  3. I would be very interested in a photoshop tutorial, to see the before/after shot in high Res, and what you do to your picture and how you do it. It would be very instructive… I wouldn’t be interested in a generic photoshop tutorial, as I know Photoshop inside out (althought, who can claim to know all of Photosop… After 10 years I’m still learning new stuff). Because there is as many ways to use Photoshop as there are people, I would be interested to see how YOU use Photoshop, how you give to all your pictures the specific Fletcher feeling. Most of Photoshop Tutorial are free over the internet, but if you give your secret recipie, then it’s definitly worth money!
    As well I would like to go to your workshop, but can’t afford the plane ticket yet!
    Anyway, I just bought SimpleViewer’s original file for $49 (us), , which was useless cause I don’t have Flash 8, only flash 7…
    So I reckon I should have put those $50 in a tutorial of yours.

    Psychologicly, spending more than $50 online for a tutorial would be to much, because you can buy a book for this price.
    I reckon you could start with one at $50, then see how it goes, then do another one.

    Good on you for sharing your passion and be so open!

  4. Thanks for the input Anne. Yes you can find out anything about photoshop for free off the net, thats where I get most of my tips. It is putting these lessons together that makes it all happen. Cheers

  5. Christian,

    I will take a stab in the dark. How about $99.95?

    Chat to you when I get back from the CSR.

  6. yes Dave each tutorial comes with a print but the cost gets bumped up a little, but hey worth it πŸ™‚

  7. Jamie, thanks the price is getting higher by the minute! You guys are going to make me rich!!

  8. I think this is a fantastic idea. I’d pay around $69 for a good quality tutorial, especially when we can decide on the photo type of interest.

    Perhaps as you develop more, you could sell them in packages?

  9. Hi, I have done a few online courses and recently did Ben Wilmore’s HDR course via That cost $79.00 USD and consisted of 4 classes each containing approx 5 or 6 video segments of up to about 6 minutes. They also followed up with a DVD in the mail about 4 weeks later. Hope that helps… Mark

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