This shot out Eastway’s Eastway, I think Pete likes to de-saturate his blues which I tried. It does look better than the glossy blue sky it had. Only 6 image stitch, and I think the exposure was about 30sec each image.


~ by christianfletcher on May 20, 2008.

14 Responses to “Monument”

  1. Another stunner from the Fletcher, how did you desaturate the blues?

  2. just in the hue sat dialog box. Nothing fancy!!

  3. I like it mate!
    I wanted to something like this at the war memorial in kings park a while back just before I went to melb.
    I don’t even know where this memorial is!

    Great shot mate! very eastway!

  4. Another Great shot , has the Eastway feel to it 🙂

  5. This is on a hill overlooking Fremantle, cant remember the street name that runs next to it, Maybe High Street, that would make sense as it is “High”

  6. Please dont fall into the Eastway trap. His work is great but your work is greater. Tuam sequere naturam.

  7. thanks Hazel, I’m catching up with Pete this weekend, I’ll make sure I tell him. Tee Hee 🙂

  8. Excellent and while you’er at it ask him why he rarely features women photographers in his magazine and tell him what a wonderful portrait photographer I am and that I am available to shoot for him in Fiji or Joondalup any time. I would put a smiley face but I dont know how.

  9. I will be sure to tell him Hazel, Send him your details, I’m sure he is always looking for stories in his magazines!

  10. Thanks Christian I will hold you to that. I did indeed take your advice and emailed him with my details….I live in hope.

  11. Hi Christian, happened upon your blog which is great. In fact I bought your ‘Landscapes’ when I visited Fremantle a couple of years ago. This image is amazing and I really enjoy the desaturated sky and the blurred long exposure clouds. Very nice!

  12. thanks for the comments Thomas, and thanks for buying the book.

  13. I have both your books. Whenever I go out and attempt a landscape I always have a flick through for inspiration.

  14. thanks Hazel, hope you manage some good shots then 🙂

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