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This is a short video talking about the new tutorials I will be putting together soon. They will look and sound like this but will not be dodgy quality as you will download full res versions via the net. They will run for probably 5 to 10 minutes and will be able to be viewed on your computer running along side Photoshop, …….well that is the idea!! So the big question is how much do you think I will charge? The person with the closest figure wins a free one! I have put one together for the new image of Fishing Boat Harbour. I will talk you through the whole process and why I do what I do. As with the nature of light each image is different and requires different photoshop techniques. By watching a few different ones you will get a better understanding of how I work and make me more money!!! the good side effect of being so bloody generous!!


~ by christianfletcher on May 21, 2008.

38 Responses to “Tutorial Video”

  1. Looks good cant wait for them .
    Will they be downloadable from your webpage or hosted by something like Itunes with podcasts ?

  2. It sounds very interesting. I like the idea to go one picture at a time and see the specific work on it. I will definitely download the first one, whatever price it is. Then I see what I can afford! If they are $5 each, I would download all of them, if they are $10 each, I would have to choose. But then I’m scandalously useless at making money, so I don’t have any! I might be representative of the student market, not the responsible-one-who-make-money market. Depends on who you are aiming at.
    Maybe Adobe could sponsor you, because after all you’re doing one big ad for them. There is this guy, an american photographer, Vincent Versace, versacephotography.com, he wrote a book about how to retouch picture in a dramatic way, “Welcome to Oz a Cinematic Approach Digital Still Photography”, and is a member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals “Instructor Dream Team”, it’s in the US. Maybe they get sponsored by Adobe.
    But because I like your pictures better, I would be more interested by your tutorial than his.

  3. I put my guess in thinking it was a dvd… So im out! haha

  4. I just got back from the framers and guess what image of yours was there waiting to be picked up?

  5. Hi (g’day) Christian & to your other blog members.
    This is my 1st time on your blog. I live in the land down up (UK) I have a sister who lives in Perth though (NOR) which is how I found out about your website.I would like to point you to another website wwww.beckhamdigital.co.uk which might help you in your final price for your tutorials. Barry (Beckham, no relation to David) has a few ways of buying his DVD tutorials. they are mainly tutorials on how to use photoshop, but that is what you are really doing when showing how you do your photos. the conversion rate is usually around $2.3 to our Β£1, so you just double the ammount (& add a bit for the .3 if you like) of Β£’s for your $’s (ie: Β£13=$26). I think your photos are excellent & well worth the effort you put into it. I also think your photo of the F111 could be made more appealing by doing away with the fuel burn (the fuel burn looks slightly false) and I don’t think adds to the photo.The aircraft it’s self say’s freedom.just my opinion. well done for the excellent website.

  6. Looks great mate. For all the shit tutorials out there, yours will be the cream and worth the price tag you put on it. Your right the info is all on the web, but it is putting it into play on real photo’s thats the trick.

  7. wow, I have mixed emotions after viewing this video. First thoughts were “how average was the original” then I thought how good would my images be if I knew how to edit photos like you!!

  8. I put my guess in thinking it would be a DVD as well Dylan lol
    Still be downloading the tuts but πŸ™‚

  9. Yeah no doubt!
    Fletch it looks like a little more work for you cause I can’t wait to get more insight into your work!

  10. put me down fletch. ill pay whatever.
    probably have to put an order down for a couple of terrabytes worth of memory haha. my comp is running slow atm. too many large pics

  11. I’m going to email when I decide on a cost, but I think you should factor in that people have a habit of sharing their stuff, especially if it’s good. So if the tutorial is awesome sauce (which I’m sure it will be), then you can be pretty much assured that the person buying it will forward it to at least one mate.

  12. Sounds like a worthwhile investment to me for a fair price. I would prefer a download to a dvd etc.

  13. Hi Tony, thanks for the link to the site and comments about pricing. I think the fuel burn says “environmental bandit”. The fuel burn was actually there but this image is a composite so it may look a little fake, even if it wasn’t. I guess the boy in me just goes wooooah that is awesome!!!

    Thanks Matt

    Hayden, yes the original are always a bit ordinary, I’ll try and not take that personally though!! πŸ™‚

    Dylan, I have made a rod for my back I think.

    Bekka you are right, I am a bit concerned about illegal copying but we are all human and all do it! I guess it wpuld be considered payback!!!

    Neal a DVD might be a better option!

  14. Which image Dylan?

  15. Kirke, haven’t decided yet how to provide them.

  16. Your Bunker Bay photo that is your highest selling image. It is still obviously popular!

  17. Looks good, I’ll definitely be trying one of these vids Christian. The fact that you use your images as examples and show the workflow instead of just showing how Photoshop functions work generally should mean that people get much more out of it and really can apply it to their own images.

  18. Hi Christian. Sounds like a good idea. I would think $15.00 would be offordable to most interested photographers. Having attended your seminar I would say they would be getting a bargain. All the best John

  19. Hi Christian. Sounds like a good idea. I would think $15.00 would be affordable to most interested photographers. Having attended your seminar I would say they would be getting a bargain. All the best John

  20. cheers Flemming and John.

  21. Hey Christian, I wasn’t trying to have a go at you. I am just amazed what you can do with PS. It has change my way at looking at a plain photograph (colour wise)

  22. Yeah I know Haydn, it was my attempt at humour!!! πŸ™‚

  23. hmmmm – awesome sauce? I think I need to not post at 3 in the morning…. Hubby sending email later tonight (If he knows what’s good for him ;p ) for both of us once he decides what he would pay – we’re going with the average.

  24. thats cool Christian, blog/forums can get heated when comments are taken out of context.

  25. yeah I know, don’t worry I take nothing seriously, only my wife!!

  26. I hope your wife doesn’t read this this blog then πŸ™‚

  27. Excellent … FletchTV!! I’m away for a week and come back to loads of new images and the tutorials! I think my output is going to be limited at work today as catching up on the blog will be far more interesting! Looking forward to you rolling them out at a reasonable rate … 10 bucks? πŸ˜‰

  28. i think i must have missed a couple of 0’s!

  29. My wife hears enough from me everyday, I think she would rather I shut up!

  30. Rich I was thinking three zero’s but I do have an over inflated ego!

  31. by the way Christian, how often do you intend to do these? Do we get a discount if we buy in bulk πŸ™‚ You can sign me up for a years subscription!

  32. subscription services, awesome idea ! Yes, how frequently they come out would be interesting – I take weeks to do anything worthwhile in PS (on one image :p ) but I bet you churn out pics by the dozen, so a video a week could be feasible, or perhaps it’s not even a challenge at that frequency. Great idea though, just give the snippet of what you’ve done to go from capture to rapture!

  33. A question to Christian, Matt or any of the other pro photographers here

    I am about to invest in a tripod for panographic photograpy. Currently not using 360 pano head. Looking to spend up to 400 dollars. which one should i go for?!

    Anita from Sweden

  34. Looking at Better Photoshop Mag, there’s 3 quality tutorials in there, by Peter Eastway, similar concept to the video idea, plus a heap of other useful stuff as well, all for $24.95, so realistically if you are doing a video tutorial the price needs to be no more $5 per session.

    I’ve also got Scott Kelbys 7-Point System, 21 examples, all with the images so you can follow along for $60. The ideas are good in this book, but I think the artistic quality is way below par when compared to your work Christian.

    How about doing a regular feature in Better Photoshop, gets exposure with your work and then link this to your video tutorials that you can charge for.

    I also like to be able to read how-tos. I find following a video a bit of a pain, especially if you want to take your time and try different ideas as well. Maybe produce an accompanying guide that can be printed out as well.

    Great stuff!

  35. I’ve also got that 7 Point System book and I highly recommend it too! Though I have to confess to paying only a little over $40 (delivered) for mine, Amazon.com in the US now bill in AUD saving us all the added banks conversion fee! All of Scott’s books and more are there! It does however take a few weeks to get here.

  36. $20 i reckon. It isn’t a trivial amount of time you spend on these so a decent income is required.

    Gotta make it worth your time.

  37. Hi Anita, I think some guys use the Nodal Ninja which is around $300 from memory. Best to send this message to Beau Mitchell as he has one. I bought the 360 precision as I heard it was one of the best on the market. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Cheers

    p.s. the cheaper ones have a lot of flex. This becomes an issue if the wind is strong.

  38. These tutorials are a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts. How long till the first.

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