The vines are looking great

This another view of Fraser Gallop Vineyard. It is a stunning property and the wine is pretty stunning too. The owner has a driveway to his house lined with between 500 and 600 mature Claret Ash. Beautiful if you can afford it. We had three teenie ones in our last house and they were $150 each!!


~ by christianfletcher on May 26, 2008.

9 Responses to “The vines are looking great”

  1. Nice light and leading lines Christian. Are you standing on the roof of the van again?

  2. yep right up there swaying away. If I was able to put a ladder on that then that would be something! A recipe for disaster but really something!!!

  3. I went up to our Hunter Valley Vineyards last week and there isnt a vine leaf anywhere to be seen. Guess I will have to wait another year to get some shots. Is this another shot from the roof of the van ?

  4. Matt, after seeing this and the other Fraser vineyard shot I had exactly the same thought, head on up to the Hunter for a look see. Glad you posted that, it’s saved me a trip !!! 🙂

    As everyone else said Christian, another great shot with those leading lines heading off into the distance.

    (dare I post a link to my first attempt at a pano after becoming inspired by your work?)

  5. yes the old van was used in this shot. Works pretty well !!

    All the vines look great here at the moment.

  6. Looks very nice and great photoshop work!

  7. Nice work mate,
    Love what youve done to the sky

  8. Nice shot, love the colours… I’m heading to Dunsborough in June for a weeks holiday so hoping for some good weather and pics.

  9. thanks all.

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